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Data di uscita Febbraio 2018
Genere Prog / Power Metal
Length 24:00
Label Spider Rock Promotion
Numero di catalogo BL3679764


HUMANOCIDE is the brand new EP from MALET GRACE, following the debut album Malsanity (2017).

HUMANOCIDE confirms the achieved technical-compositional maturity, and highlights an evolution in the band's style: in-your-face attitude, meticulous search for optimal balancing of instruments, sound trademark recognition.

The album has been recorded in Latina by Marco Fanella, (iDottori).

Why HUMANOCIDE? Because we are all actors in a perverse show, while being fed by an obstinate REDEMPTION OF FEAR.

With this album Malet Grace are still facing the contrast between good and evil, concerning themes such as terrorism, maniacal depravity, international politics dismay.
MALERIE represents Malet's female counterpart on Earth, camouflaging herself among the atrocities and the horrors of an imminent apocalypse for the human race.
At last, a hope can be instilled by A COMPENSATION OF SOULS: corrupted religions and politics will be destroyed until there won't be nothing but absolute poverty.