Possessed By Your Omen

Possessed By Your Omen
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Data di uscita Settembre 2012
Genere Thrash Metal
Label Spider Rock Promotion
Numero di catalogo SRP01202


Neurasthenia are proud to announce their new album, entitled "Possessed by Your Omen". It's a compilation of songs extracted from their albums "Possessed" (2009) and "Your Omen" (2009) all competeley re-recorded, re-arranged, re-mixed and re-mastered. The album also includes the single "When Nightmare Comes True", released only in digital version by Spider Rock Promotion in 2011; "I, Walking With A Zombie", previously unreleased taken from the demotape "Full Force Of Thrashers!"; Kiss cover "I Love It Loud".

The album has been recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered at Neurastudio between January and July 2012 by Lehmann, Neil and Rudy and it's a co-production by Neurasthenia, Bologna Rock City (responsible of worldwide physical distribution in CD and Vinyl) and Spider Rock Promotion (digital distribution and promotion).
Mastering process will be made by Simone Mularoni (DGM, Empyrios) in Domination Studios.

Guest appearances:

On Track N°1 guitar solo by Simone Mularoni from DGM, EMPYRIOS and DOMINATION Studio
On Tracks N°4-8-10-11 guitar solos by Andrea Mosconi from MOURN IN SILENCE
On Tracks N°6-9 guitar solo by Gabriele Lazzerini
On Track N°6 Orchestral and Synth parts by NEURASTHENIA, Keyboards by Igor Gallerani
On Track N°8 drums by Riccardo Perugini
Photo and official video of " I'm Walking with a Zombie" by: Marco Capellazzi, Simone Furia, Sandro Chiozzi from INSPIRAL band

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