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Gli Evergaze Eternity iniziano la loro storia nell'ottobre del 2007, quando Giovanni, Michele e Irene decidono di dar vita ad una band che fosse sintesi delle loro molteplici influenze musicali, aventi tutte come comune denominatore una distaccata vena intimistica, onirica e malinconica. La prima formazione stabile si ottiene con l’ingresso di Stefano alle chitarre e Andrea alla batteria ed è con questa line up che gli Evergaze Eternity registrano, presso i Syncropain Product di Marco Ribecai a Pisa, il loro primo Ep “Incompatible Existences” e la cover di Red Stars dei The Birthday Massacre, in due sessioni distinte iniziate rispettivamente il 6 giugno e il 14 dicembre 2008. Durante le registrazioni della seconda sessione, Stefano lascia la band e la registrazione delle chitarre viene terminata dallo stesso Marco Ribecai. A sostituire Stefano alla chitarra arriva Nicola e la band inizia l'attività live. Nel frattempo Incompatible Existences riceve recensioni positive ovunque, arrivando ad essere Top Demo sulla rivista Metal Maniac. Infatti, nelle quattro canzoni che compongono l’Ep, la band interpreta, nel segno dei The Gathering, un gothic rock con arrangiamenti eleganti, ricco di riferimenti musicali che vanno dal gothic/doom metal al dark/pop, all’elettronica, al rock alternativo, alla psichedelia. Su tutto l’incredibile voce ed il fascino di Irene, dal timbro lirico ed etereo, vicino a quello di Anneke. Nel luglio 2009 ad affiancare Irene entra nella band Valeria che, con la sua splendida voce dal timbro più orientato al rock/pop, le risulta naturalmente complementare, permettendo così alla band di sperimentare nuove strade e di esprimere al meglio le diverse sfumature della propria musica. Con questa nuova formazione la band è attualmente impegnata nella composizione del primo album ufficiale la cui uscita è prevista per il 2010.

Valeria: vocals
Giovanni: Synthesizers/FX/Programming



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‘The Umbrella Academy’ – cast members Mary J Blige, Ellen Page, Robert Sheehan and more reveal all about your weekend’s binge viewing

Venerdì 15 Febbraio 2019 20:21

which makes the pop-art vibrancy, surreal dance numbers and weird comedy of The Umbrella Academy a welcome change. Based on a comic book created by My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way, The Umbrella Academy chronicles the lives of the superpowered Hargreeves siblings. The children, all born on the same day to women who showed no signs of pregnancy, were adopted by an eccentric millionaire who wanted to nurture their abilities and turn them in to a crimefighting band. His plan went wrong and the children went their separate ways. The Umbrella Academy finds the dysfunctional siblings in the aftermath of their father’s death, with the thirty-somethings having to come back together to prevent an impending apocalypse – and try not to kill each other in the meantime. To celebrate the release of The Umbrella Academy, NME  has put together a special issue which you can pick up for free now. In it, you’ll find exclusive interviews with the cast, and Gerard Way, and even a one-off, seven-page Umbrella Academy comic. You can get your FREE copy by emailing umbrella.academy@ti-media.com or pick one up at selected gigs and stores around the UK. See the full list here. NME spoke to the cast and series showrunner to talk about the show’s origins, oddball nature and beating people up. Steve Blackman and Ellen Page Showrunner Blackman has written for shows including Fargo and Bones. It was his task to turn a brief comic book series into a lengthy tent pole series. Page , meanwhile, plays Vanya, the only Hargreeves sibling who grew up without any apparent powers. Sidelined by the rest of her family, she became insular. When you started adapting the comic book into a TV show, what were the core elements you wanted to keep? Steve Blackman: “I wanted to keep the absurdist elements and the whimsy. It was a hard thing to translate, partly because it was 40 pages of comic and we had to do a 10-hour show. I wanted to feel respectful to the fans of the graphic novel, so you’d enjoy it if you loved that, but also bring in people who don’t read graphic novels.” Ellen, what do you share with Vanya? Ellen Page: “Less her personality and more her emotional journey. I struggled with feeling like an outsider, growing up in an environment where it wasn’t always positive in terms of my identity. Navigating that and dealing with shame and how that internalises.” You’re used to doing movies, so how was it being a character for so long? EP: “So enjoyable. This was five months. I did five months with Inception, but the difference is that this is a 10-hour narrative. One of the reasons I was desiring TV was because I wanted to experience that.” One sibling, Klaus, is LGBTQ+ but without it being a struggle or an issue, which is still rare in TV. What are your thoughts on that, Ellen, as someone who is gay? EP: “It’s so important to have representation…It needs to be happening more and more. What I love about Steve is that already – knock on wood, we get a second season – we’re talking about how we can be more [representative]. It’s beyond important. It’s crucial. It just has to happen. That extends to inclusivity in general in the industry, not just on screen.” What would you do with a second season, Steve? SB: “I have a plan in my head. It would be another wild and crazy time with our characters, but we’ll have to wait and see.” Mary J Blige and Cameron Britton Cameron Britton and Mary J Blige play Hazel and Cha Cha respectively, a pair of assassins sent from the future to kill a boy who might prevent the destined apocalypse (we promise it will make sense when you watch it). They make murder and violence look like a hoot. How would you describe the dynamic between Hazel and Cha Cha? Mary J Blige: “Cha Cha believes she’s the boss of everything and Hazel listens because he wants her to believe she’s the boss of everything. He listens because if he doesn’t he doesn’t know what she’ll do.” Cameron Britton: “He doesn’t want to put in the work. Just let Cha Cha do everything. She’s happy to.” The show involves a lot of time travel. If you could travel back to any time, where would you go? CB: “2017 was great because I just didn’t have much to do.” MJB: “1996. I was having so much fun, not caring. I didn’t care about anything. The music was amazing. People had their own identities. There wasn’t just one sound going on. Everybody had their own thing as an artist. I was young and new and fresh and didn’t care about anything. Living my life like a savage. Partying and making music. It was so much fun!” What was the best point of that year? MJB: “I had an album that went to number one. Everything I put out was number one. When you don’t care everything’s number one. Then when you start caring it’s like you’re number 35 in the charts. It was a good time. Music was good. Going from club to club, just doing young, dumb stuff.” Mary, you’ve said you’ve always dreamt of playing an action character who beats people up and has shoot-outs. When it came to training for that were you as good as you dreamed you’d be? MJB: “It was hard, but I was good. I was determined to be great and let people see me fighting and do some of my own stunts.” If the world ended tomorrow, what would you do with the final day of your life? CB: “Not much. Hang out with my wife, make a couple of calls, maybe watch Team America: World Police and probably get a steak.” MJB: “I would spend time with my mum.” CB: “I would like to change my answer to that.” First-look image from The Umbrella Academy – Credit: Netflix Robert Sheehan and David Castaneda David Castaneda and Robert Sheehan’s Umbrella Academy characters could not be more different. Castaneda plays Diego, a knife-throwing death machine who rarely, if ever, smiles. Sheehan plays Klaus, a drug-addicted lunatic who takes almost nothing seriously. So obviously they were paired for our interview. Klaus can talk to dead people. If you could talk to any dead person, who would you choose? Robert Sheehan: “I’d probably go Salvador Dali and ask, ‘What were you thinking, man? What was with all the clocks?’” Diego’s path is really heavy, compared to the other characters. Does that still make him fun to play? David Castaneda: “At times, yeah. I tried as much as possible to live in a routine, because he can be a very miserable state to be in 24/7…Once the weekend hit or we got to hang out, there was some decompression.” Robert, you were in Misfits too, which was a show about superpowered young people. Do you see comparisons between the shows? RS: “I suppose there are similarities, in terms of the broad set-up and structure. This is a bunch of ‘misfits’ who are thrown together and go through this unique, life-changing experience. I suppose it’s very different. Klaus is this sort of butterfly, because he changes his form all the time. He’s always in a state of transformation. That’s the key to his magic. If we go on, I think he has to keep reinventing himself. Nathan [Sheehan’s Misfits character] was never someone who could change. He was just himself and he was always going to be that way.” If you could play another character in the show, who would it be? RS: “I think Number Five (the time-travelling brother who has a middle-aged brain trapped in a teenage body), Hazel or Cha Cha, because I really like all the reckless killing. Klaus never does any reckless killing. I’d like to be in a big gun fight.” DC: “Hazel would be fun. He complains so much. And eats a lot of donuts.” Emmy Raver Lampman and Tom Hopper Emmy Raver Lampman and Tom Hopper play Allison and Luther. Allison, the only girl in the Umbrella Academy crime fighting squad, grew up to be a movie star, but has struggled behind the scenes. Her superpower of being able to distort reality has rarely been a benefit. Luther was sent to live on the moon by his weirdo father and has become an understandably insecure adult, despite his enormous size. Your characters have an unusual relationship. They’re adopted siblings but they’re also romantically interested in each other. Is that a bit weird or are we ok with it? Tom Hopper: “You can’t stop two humans who gravitate toward each other like magnets. Yes, they’re technically adopted siblings, but they’re also two people who have been brought together from different sides of the world and they connect.” Emmy Raver Lampman: “It doesn’t ever feel icky because there’s no lust involved. They’re just two souls who understand each other better than anyone else.” Tom, you wear prostethics do give you this giant, muscled ape-like body. What was your first reaction when you saw yourself like that? TH: “My head looks small!” ERL: “In the screen test they paired him and Ellen [Page] together and it was hilarious. She’s this tiny little thing and he’s enormous.” If you could have any power of anyone in the Umbrella Academy, whose would you choose? TH: “I would choose Number 5’s, because he can time travel and I’d like to do that. But I think the coolest is Allison’s. It’s unique. When I read the comic I thought that was a gnarly power.” ERL: “I have spent so much time talking about my power and then spent ten episodes not using it. I was the most un-superhero superhero in the show.” You’ve got a real mix of nationalities in the show – American, English, Irish, Canadian. Did you pick up any slang from each other? TH: “I’m from the midlands and still live there so I have all these sayings that I use and Emmy would be constantly like, ‘What’s that now?’ I’ll say, ‘Oh sound’. And she’ll be like…” ERL: “‘Huh??’ I picked up ‘Smashed it’ from him. It’s like ‘nailed it’, right? It’s mostly me making fun of him.” TH: “I’d love Emmy to meet someone from Liverpool or somewhere like that. ‘Ahright mate. ‘Ow’s it goin’ It would be like a different species to her.” The Umbrella Academy is available on Netflix now. The post ‘The Umbrella Academy’ – cast members Mary J Blige, Ellen Page, Robert Sheehan and more reveal all about your weekend’s binge viewing appeared first on NME.

James Corden Jokes Kanye West Stole His Valentine's Day Idea — and Has Kenny G Serenade His Guests

Venerdì 15 Febbraio 2019 19:11

 Kim Kardashian West, but James Corden took it one step further. After West, 41, hired world-renowned saxophonist Kenny G to play a private performance for Kardashian West in their home on Valentine’s Day, Corden upped the ante when he invited Kenny G to play for all of his guests on Thursday night’s episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden. Kenny G showed up in the guests’ dressing rooms while Corden was introducing them — beginning with actor Ray Romano, who opened his door to reveal the musician playing the saxophone behind him, surrounded by vases of roses that mimicked West’s setup. “Now, here’s the thing Ray,” Corden joked. “We’ve been planning this for ages! We didn’t know that Kanye was going to steal our thunder this morning and just do this, but we thought this would be a lovely Valentine for you.” “It’s wonderful,” Romano said, “but it’s just me and him. It’s just us. Kenny, stop!” “He can’t stop, he’s Kenny G!” Corden laughed. Trust @kanyewest to steal our idea. We’ve been planning to surprise Ray Romano with @kennyg for months x pic.twitter.com/Y8pWYivCWL — James Corden (@JKCorden) February 15, 2019 Corden then went on to introduce the rest of his guests (The Good Place star D’Arcy Carden and the band Lukas Graham) in their dressing rooms, as Kenny G serenaded each of them in the background. Carden could barely hear the host speaking as Kenny G played behind her. “James, I truly can’t hear a word you’re saying but I’m having a great Valentine’s,” she laughed. “I do think you’re saying words, but I only hear Kenny in my ear.” “We got our little Kanye moment in here,” a Lukas Graham band member added. “It doesn’t get any better than this, does it?” RELATED: Kim Kardashian Posts Throwback Photos with Kanye West for Valentine’s Day: ‘I Love You So Much’ Kardashian West, 38, documented Kenny G’s private performance on Twitter on Thursday, filming the musician as he stood in the middle of a room filled with white, pink and red roses placed in individual vases. “NO BIG DEAL KENNY G IN MY LIVING ROOM!!!” she wrote, adding, “Happy Valentines Day.” NO BIG DEAL KENNY G IN MY LIVING ROOM!!! Happy Valentines Day ???????????? pic.twitter.com/A1GD0UlEwu — Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) February 14, 2019 “Best husband award goes to mine!!!!” she wrote in another tweet. “Most thoughtful gifts ever!!!!” On Thursday, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star also dedicated a sweet post to her husband for Valentine’s Day, sharing two old photos of the couple: one of them kissing, and a selfie of them smiling. “Happy Valentines Day babe!!!” she wrote. “I love you so much.” View this post on Instagram Happy Valentines Day babe!!! I love you so much! ???? A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on Feb 14, 2019 at 6:23am PST The holiday came at a special time for the couple: PEOPLE confirmed in January that Kardashian West and West are expecting their fourth child together, a baby boy, via surrogate. They’re already parents to son Saint, 3, daughter North, 5½, and daughter Chicago, 1, who was also born via surrogate. A source recently told PEOPLE that the couple has “always talked about wanting four kids: two boys and two girls.” “That’s always been the plan,” said the insider, adding that they are surely “over the moon” about the “wonderful news” of their little one on the way.

Bradley Cooper Says He Was 'Very Lucky' to Have Lady Gaga in A Star Is Born

Venerdì 15 Febbraio 2019 18:57

Cooper, 44, stopped by the Late Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Thursday, when the hostshowed a heartbreaking clip from the film. It’s the moment Gaga’s Ally goes to visit Cooper’s Jackson Maine in rehab, and the rocker breaks down from the weight of how he has hurt her. But in a touching moment, Ally grabs his face and comforts him. Cooper told Stephen Colbert that the gesture wasn’t planned, but it showcases Gaga’s acting chops. “I think that’s also probably why the audience felt it was so real, those tactile moments,” he said. “The way she touches his face with her finger. You pray that an actor is going to do something like that, and she did that in droves throughout the whole shooting process. I was very lucky.” Cooper and Gaga are both up for best acting awards at the Oscars, and the movie is also nominated for Best Picture, Best Original Song and Best Adapted Screenplay. The nominations came almost four months after the movie hit theaters in early October 2018, and Cooper and Gaga have spent much of that time praising each other and the process of shooting his directorial debut together. The actors met before filming started when Cooper made a trip to Gaga’s home in Los Angeles, and the two immediately bonded. RELATED: Bradley Cooper and ‘Friend for Life’ Lady Gaga: All About Their ‘Instant Chemistry’ “We had instant chemistry when I met him,” Gaga said in an interview with Good Morning America. “As soon as I opened the door to my house and saw him, it was like, ‘You hungry?’ We’re both Italian and from the East Coast and before I knew it, I was heating up some leftovers for him and we were eating together.” WATCH: Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Have The Sweetest Friendship! The American Sniper actor also praised his costar in the interview, as her eyes welled up with tears. “I’m just so glad God gave her the talent that she has and he chose her, because that’s quite a vessel to go through,” Cooper said. “Because it’s really what you do with it, and she’s such a beautiful human being.” The Oscars air live Feb. 24 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Tracy Morgan Took a Fish Tank from the 30 Rock Set: 'They Knew That Was Gone'

Venerdì 15 Febbraio 2019 18:48

The actor, who stars in the new romantic comedy What Men What, talked singing in the shower, cursing and his favorite on-set memorabilia when he chatted with PEOPLE in this week’s issue. This morning in the shower. Some Marvin Gaye was in me. I sing in the shower and on the toilet bowl—then no one interrupts me. Never believed in it. I’m a black cat myself. The black cat you should worry about ain’t on four legs, he’s on two. You don’t want me to cross you. RELATED: Tracy Morgan Says There’s More to Come From ‘Funny Lady’ Taraji P. Henson A fish tank from 30 Rock. I love marine life. They knew that was gone. There was no need to do paperwork. I curse often. It’s just language. See, I can say “motherf—–” right now; nothing happened. Nobody disappeared. That’s my favorite. RELATED: Tracy Morgan Makes Fun of His Near-Fatal Crash at the SAG Awards: ‘You Gonna Be Set for Life’ When my daughter [Maven, 5] was born. I feel that way every day I see her. She ain’t ever leaving; I don’t care who she marries. I’ll tell her first boyfriend, “Listen, homey, I got a gun, I got a shovel, and I got an alibi.”

Watch Bo Peep and Woody lead a rescue mission in new ‘Toy Story 4’ clip

Venerdì 15 Febbraio 2019 18:07

The final instalment of the franchise will be released in June Bo Peep and Woody A new clip from Toy Story 4 has been released, showing Bo Peep and Woody leading the other toys on a rescue mission. The snippet premiered on Good Morning America earlier today (February 15) and was described by host George Stephanopoulos as a “flashback.” In the scene, a lost toy is trapped in a gutter in the yard and the two characters enlist the help of their fellow toys to get him back. You can watch the clip in the video below – it starts at approximately the 0:19 mark. Recent teasers for the upcoming film, which is set to be the final one in the franchise, showed Bo Peep’s return after she was absent in Toy Story 3. This time around she will have a new look, with her pink and white ensemble swapped for a baby blue jumpsuit.  In a press release, Toy Story 4 director Josh Cooley said of the character: “Bo’s taken control of her own destiny. While Woody was watching Andy grow up, Bo gathered dust until she took it upon herself to head out into the world. And when Woody shows up, they can’t believe that they’ve found each other again.”  A synopsis for the forthcoming movie states: “Woody has always been confident about his place in the world and that his priority is taking care of his kid, whether that’s Andy or Bonnie. But when Bonnie adds a reluctant new toy called ‘Forky’ to her room, a road trip adventure alongside old and new friends will show Woody how big the world can be for a toy.” Toy Story 4 will be released in cinemas in the UK on June 21. Meanwhile, Tom Hanks recently revealed how emotional it was to record his final vocal takes as Woody in the last weeks of recording. The post Watch Bo Peep and Woody lead a rescue mission in new ‘Toy Story 4’ clip appeared first on NME.

Big Bang Theory Cast Performs Epic Flash Mob for Studio Audience Ahead of Series Finale

Giovedì 14 Febbraio 2019 18:45

As The Big Bang Theory comes to a close, the cast and crew celebrated with a final on-set flash mob. (The hit CBS sitcom, currently in its 12th and final season, has been known to surprise the studio audience with performances over the years.) Star Kaley Cuoco documented the dance, set to the Backstreet Boys’ “Larger Than Life,” and called it one of her “favorite moments in 12 years.” “Here it is! I give you (from many different angles!) our FINAL @bigbangtheory_cbs epic flash mob!” she wrote. “Our cast and crew surprised the writers, producers, and audience last night dancing to @backstreetboys Larger than Life (a song that thanks the fans).” “Thank you @bricuoco @mandykorpinen @elizabethpetrin for choreographing this epic dance and for my crew who rehearsed for months and listened to me yap on and on about this endlessly!” she added. “It was worth it! Enjoy!!! #thefinalseason.” RELATED: Kaley Cuoco Reveals the Item She’s Going to Keep from The Big Bang Theory Set The flash mob included Cuoco and her costars Jim Parsons, Mayim Bialik, Melissa Rauch, Kunal Nayyar and Simon Helberg. Unfortunately, Johnny Galecki hurt his ankle, but Cuoco revealed that he was cheering them on from the sides. View this post on Instagram Ok ???? here it is! I give you (from many different angles!) our FINAL @bigbangtheory_cbs epic flash mob! Our cast and crew surprised the writers, producers, and audience last night dancing to @backstreetboys Larger than Life (a song that thanks the fans) thank you @bricuoco @mandykorpinen @elizabethpetrin for choreographing this epic dance and for my crew who rehearsed for months and listened to me yap on and on about this endlessly! ???? it was worth it!???????? enjoy!!! #thefinalseason (PS @sanctionedjohnnygalecki hurt his ankle but he was cheering us on from the sides!) A post shared by Kaley Cuoco (@kaleycuoco) on Feb 13, 2019 at 9:46am PST View this post on Instagram I love this perspective from the audience of my family and friends recording the dance! ???? thank you @ashleyaubra !!! ?? A post shared by Kaley Cuoco (@kaleycuoco) on Feb 13, 2019 at 9:51am PST View this post on Instagram @bigbangtheory_cbs #flashmob2019 ???????? ???? ???? A post shared by Kaley Cuoco (@kaleycuoco) on Feb 13, 2019 at 9:59am PST And even though series creator Chuck Lorre couldn’t be there in person, he made sure to catch what he could. “Chuck Lorre was on location and didn’t wanna miss our flash mob, so he FaceTimed in to watch us dance,” Cuoco captioned a video of herself video-chatting with Lorre. “No words.” View this post on Instagram Yes. Chuck Lorre was on location and didn’t wanna miss our flash mob, so he FaceTimed in to watch us dance ???? no words . (Beware lots of #bts and teary vids to come during last remaining shows of #BBT) A post shared by Kaley Cuoco (@kaleycuoco) on Feb 13, 2019 at 12:08am PST Warner Bros. Television and CBS announced in August that the Emmy-winning series, which premiered in 2007, will conclude in May 2019 at the end of season 12. According to Entertainment Weekly, CBS was trying to negotiate two more seasons, but Parsons was ready to say goodbye to the sitcom — and there’s no show without Dr. Sheldon Cooper. (CBS had no comment and a rep for Parsons did not respond to PEOPLE’s requests for comment at the time, but Parsons addressed the show ending with a lengthy note on Instagram, saying he will miss “all of this more than I can say and more than I can know at this time.”) RELATED: See Side-by-Side Comparisons ofThe Big Bang Theory Cast, Then and Now In a joint statement, Warner Bros. Television, CBS and Chuck Lorre Productions said, “We are forever grateful to our fans for their support of The Big Bang Theory during the past twelve seasons. We, along with the cast, writers and crew, are extremely appreciative of the show’s success and aim to deliver a final season, and series finale, that will bring The Big Bang Theory to an epic creative close.”

The Mountain from Game of Thrones reads poems shirtless for Valentine's Day

Giovedì 14 Febbraio 2019 18:43

Here is The Mountain from Game of Thrones (Hafþór ‘Thor’ Júlíus Björnsson) reading GoT-themed love poems (with helpful subtitles) while lounging shirtless in front of a fire with roses. The poems were submitted by SodaStream social channel users. Sure it’s an ad for something, but we’re down. We only have eyes for The Mountain. Game of Thrones returns April 14. And yes, The Mountain will return.

Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer are back in first Killing Eve season 2 trailer

Giovedì 14 Febbraio 2019 18:41

The return of Killing Eve still may be two months away — April 7, to be exact — but that doesn’t mean that BBC America isn’t ready to slip you some intel about season 2 right now, on Valentine’s Day. “Why are you and Villanelle so interested in each other?” Carolyn (Fiona Shaw) is heard asking Villanelle. It’s one of the many questions of season 2, a season that Killing Eve showrunner Emerald Fennell calls “more intimate and darker.” And it also begins with the fallout from Eve’s surprising attack. “What struck me is what the stabbing does to Villanelle’s psyche — what this says about her and Eve,” Comer told EW. “Does it make her believe that they have a very special relationship, or will she want revenge?” Meanwhile, Oh shared: “Eve’s state of mind is pushed to the absolute limit as she tries to contain the feral energy that is Villanelle.”  

Will Forte, Jason Sudeikis debut cut SNL sketch 'Jon Bovi' with help from Seth Meyers

Giovedì 14 Febbraio 2019 18:34

a segment where Seth Meyers gives his Saturday Night Live alums the chance to revisit cut sketches, Will Forte and Jason Sudeikis bring back a lost 2009 bit from their Jon Bovi days It’s “the tale of two musical lyricists with an unquenchable desire to compose the next great Christmas classic,” Meyers intro-ed. Forte and Sudeikis played two members of a Jon Bon Jovi “opposite band” called Jon Bovi. They performed songs like, “Dyin’ On a Prayer” instead of “Livin’ On a Prayer,” “You Give Hate a Good Name” instead of “You Give Love a Bad Name,” and “Stabbed in the Butt” instead of “Shot Through the Heart.” As Meyers’ Late Night guests explained, Jon Bovi started as a sketch for an episode hosted by My Name Is Earl‘s Jaime Pressly. In this scenario, the actress would’ve played a record executive, while the Jon Bovi band came in acting obnoxious. Eventually, it turned into a bit for “Weekend Update.” “The premise was we hated Bon Jovi, the band, so much that we set out to create a band that would cancel them out of the universe,” Sudeikis said. They’re not officially sure why this particular sketch didn’t air. Sudeikis got some laughs when he mentioned “politics,” and the same with Forte when he said, “Maybe they were like these guys are doing too well, we need to tamp down their careers.” Meyers suspected it had something to do with the presence of another “musical duo” on the show that night, Garth and Kat, played by Fred Armisen (who overheard all of this from the drummer’s seat on Late Night) and Kristen Wiig. Forte and Sudeikis, sitting with Meyers and Armisen, continued answering burning questions about the band that never took off in a Q&A dressed in character. It began with Sudeikis explaining how they would auction off an original Jon Bovi song for charity composed for the highest bidder within minutes, so Meyers wanted to give it a try with his audience. The results were the opposite of Britney Spears’ “Toxic,” which sounded something like, “Your hate is safe for children.” Seth Meyers gets day drunk with Barefoot Contessa‘s Ina Garten — and it’s glorious Don Cheadle to make Saturday Night Live hosting debut Seth Meyers brings back Sudeikis, Forte for ‘Second Chance Theatre’

Nickelodeon Is Rebooting All That with Original Star Kenan Thompson as Executive Producer

Giovedì 14 Febbraio 2019 18:34

Nickeledeon is rebooting the sketch comedy show, the network announced Thursday. Variety was the first to report the news. The pop culture phenomenon, billed as Saturday Night Live for tweens, originally ran for 10 seasons from 1994 to 2005. Breakout star Kenan Thompson, who went on to star in SNL, will executive-produce the revival. RELATED: They’re Still All That! Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell and More Reunite for MTV’s Wild ‘N Out According to a release, the new weekly series will showcase a fresh cast of kids, with original cast members making special appearances. TV executive Kevin Kay (All That, SpongeBob SquarePants, LipSync Battle) will executive-produce alongside Thompson, with comedian Jermaine Fowler serving as consulting producer on the series slated to premiere this summer. The show featured original short sketches performed by a cast of child and teen actors, plus weekly musical guests. It was first taped at Nickelodeon Studios at Universal Orlando Resort in Florida, but then moved to Hollywood at the Nickelodeon on Sunset theatre (formerly the Earl Carrol Theatre), where other shows such as The Amanda Show, Kenan & Kel, and Drake & Josh were filmed. Other notable All That alumni include Amanda Bynes, Nick Cannon and Jamie Lynn Spears.