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Ivory Moon (Ivory Moon)

Ivory Moon were born in 2000 in Rome wanting to create a band that could play an eclectic metal without a specific style set.

In 2002 they self-released their first promo cd titled Ivory Moon, containing four songs. It was a great success in Italy but also in Spain and Greece, where many radios and local webzines commented positively the birth of the new band.

In 2004 they published "On the edge of time", the first album recorded at Temple of Noise in Rome and released by the Italian label Battle Hymns Records. The album gets a good response, and Ivory Moon brought live their work in many places. On this stage, the band's sound is an epic symphonic metal with shades of doom and power.

In 2007 the new album "Human Nature" is released through the Swedish label Ulterium Records. It represents the artistic maturity of the band. The sound embraces wider ranging from prog to Hard Rock, from power to symphonic metal. The CD has been distributed throughout Europe, in North and South America, projecting the band into new markets. The band performed many live shows, and among them we remember a partecipation in the Metal Star Festival in Rome and Metal on Earth festival at the municipal stadium of Pernumia.

On 1 October 2012 the band released their third album "Dark Time", produced by Ivory Moon in collaboration with Christian Ice and registered at the Temple of Noise Studios. The album is distributed by Spider Rock Promotion and represents the natural continuation of "Human Nature". 11 tracks of pure metal, which combine elements of symphonic, progressive, hard rock and gothic. An eclectic album that explores the various forms of metal through his songs and the duets between the two singers.

Heavy Metal

Gabriella Aleo (Vocals)
Sandro Manicone (Vocals)
David Calisse (Lead guitars)
Fabrizio Zucchini (Guitars)
Fabrizio Sclano (Bass)
Philip Natoli (Keyboards)
Emanuele Valabrega (Drums)


Incoming Live Shows

I prossimi concerti
Concerti passati

Event Image Event Title Start Date

Setanera & Ivory Moon in concerto 14/05/2016

Freedom Call + Guest (ALESSANDRIA) 22/11/2015

Freedom Call + Guest (Firenze) 21/11/2015

Freedom Call + Guest (ROMA) 20/11/2015

ANCIENT BARDS + Embrace of Disharmony + Ivory Moon + Norhod 27/11/2014

Invaders + Ivory Moon 19/04/2014




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