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Gli Evergaze Eternity iniziano la loro storia nell'ottobre del 2007, quando Giovanni, Michele e Irene decidono di dar vita ad una band che fosse sintesi delle loro molteplici influenze musicali, aventi tutte come comune denominatore una distaccata vena intimistica, onirica e malinconica. La prima formazione stabile si ottiene con l’ingresso di Stefano alle chitarre e Andrea alla batteria ed è con questa line up che gli Evergaze Eternity registrano, presso i Syncropain Product di Marco Ribecai a Pisa, il loro primo Ep “Incompatible Existences” e la cover di Red Stars dei The Birthday Massacre, in due sessioni distinte iniziate rispettivamente il 6 giugno e il 14 dicembre 2008. Durante le registrazioni della seconda sessione, Stefano lascia la band e la registrazione delle chitarre viene terminata dallo stesso Marco Ribecai. A sostituire Stefano alla chitarra arriva Nicola e la band inizia l'attività live. Nel frattempo Incompatible Existences riceve recensioni positive ovunque, arrivando ad essere Top Demo sulla rivista Metal Maniac. Infatti, nelle quattro canzoni che compongono l’Ep, la band interpreta, nel segno dei The Gathering, un gothic rock con arrangiamenti eleganti, ricco di riferimenti musicali che vanno dal gothic/doom metal al dark/pop, all’elettronica, al rock alternativo, alla psichedelia. Su tutto l’incredibile voce ed il fascino di Irene, dal timbro lirico ed etereo, vicino a quello di Anneke. Nel luglio 2009 ad affiancare Irene entra nella band Valeria che, con la sua splendida voce dal timbro più orientato al rock/pop, le risulta naturalmente complementare, permettendo così alla band di sperimentare nuove strade e di esprimere al meglio le diverse sfumature della propria musica. Con questa nuova formazione la band è attualmente impegnata nella composizione del primo album ufficiale la cui uscita è prevista per il 2010.

Valeria: vocals
Giovanni: Synthesizers/FX/Programming



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Madonna’s 20 best songs

Friday, 18 August 2017 15:24

  Being a total don comes naturally to Madonna, who’s spent the last 34 years redefining the rules, making brilliant music, and shooting unmissable videos to accompany it all. Let’s take a look at some of her best songs. ‘Into The Groove’ (1985) This straight-up bop soundtracked the 1985 film Desperately Seeking Susan, in which Madonna played the titular Susan Thomas. It’s about dancing, of course. Key lyric: “Only when I’m dancing can I feel this free“ ‘4 Minutes’ (2008) 2008 found Madonna flipping to the ‘Ti’ section of her phonebook to rope in Timbaland and Justin Timberlake for an apoca-jam of epic proportions. As if the carpe diem message weren’t hitting you hard enough already, she and JT also hammered the point home in the video by dancing around in front of a massive countdown timer. Key lyric: “Tick tock“ ‘Take a Bow’ (1994) Madge works a bit of Shakespeare into this contemplative and downbeat soother from ‘Bedtime Stories’. At first it sounds like a comparison between a broken relationship and a curtain call, but the video pivots the story to paint the bad guy as a deadly matador. Key lyric: “You took my love for granted, why oh why? The show is over, say good-bye.“ ‘Material Girl’ (1984) Boasting one of the most iconic synth lines ever, ‘Material Girl’ has a Marilyn Monroe-inspired video, and entirely unironic lyrics about loving, erm, stuff. In ’86 Madonna said: “You are attracted to men who have material things because that’s what pays the rents and buys you furs. That’s the security. That lasts longer than emotions.”Key lyric:“If they don’t give me proper credit I just walk away“  ‘Deeper and Deeper’ (1992) ‘Erotica”s head-over-heels slice of dance-pop preaches pure “love is love” and includes a lyrical callback to ‘Vogue’, the single that preceded it. Don’t miss the bit in the middle, which we’re cautiously terming a ‘Flamenco drop’.Key lyric: “I can’t help falling in love – I fall deeper and deeper the further I go.” ‘Don’t Tell Me’ Arguably better than ‘Music’ – the title track from Madonna’s cowboy-style 2000 album – ‘Don’t Tell Me’ is a country-dance experiment that boogies around over a twanging guitar line, gobby synth, and bits of vocoder noise – and strangely appropriate lyrics about the importance of following your instincts. Key lyric: “Don’t ever tell me to stop.” ‘La Isla Bonita’ (1986) This Latin-inspired melody, written originally for Michael Jackson, instead went to Madonna for her album ‘True Blue’ – and in it she pays tribute to samba, San Pedro, and the chill life. Key lyric: “Last night I dreamt of San Pedro… It all seems like yesterday, not far away“. ‘Holiday’ (1983) Thanks to contemporary homages like Shura’s ‘Indecision’, we’re still feeling the influence of this funky vacation bop, whose video handily doubles as the perfect out-of-office autoreply. Sadly Madonna herself doesn’t actually like it all that much any more, saying in 2008 that she didn’t want to ever sing it again “unless somebody paid me, like, $30 million or something.” Key lyric: “Put your troubles down – it’s time to celebrate.” ‘Music’ (2000) You can accurately date this song by any number of factors: its drum-machine claps, its electropop borps, its strange music-video cameo from Ali G, its trip to the strip club, or even Madonna’s cowboy-hat bling. But none of that stops it from being a total banger. Key lyric: “Music makes the bourgeoisie and the rebel“. ‘Borderline’ (1983) Some silky smooth synths introduce this bouncy, complex track from Madonna’s eponymous debut. In the lyrics she mourns her dissatisfaction in love; in the video she takes it out on her useless boyfriends.Key lyric: “Don’t you know you drive me crazy? You just keep on pushing my love over the borderline“. ‘Beautiful Stranger’ (1999) For a while it looked like this pop smash would permanently be associated with Austin Powers. Luckily, it’s been covered brilliantly by DMA’s and The Big Moon in recent years, taking on a new form in the collective memory as a banging rock anthem. Key lyric: “To know you is to love you“ ‘Express Yourself’ (1989) Not just a tune, this five-minute anthem blasts gender roles using oppressive imagery from Metropolis, and at the time its budget of $5m made it the most expensive music video ever. Key lyric: “Long stem roses are the way to your heart but he needs to start with your head“. ‘Frozen’ (1998) Essentially a sad, goth version of All Saints’ best song ‘Pure Shores’ – which actually sampled this very song – ‘Frozen’ is full of longing “mmm”s, and its video encompassed Evanescence’s entire aesthetic better than Evanescence ever did. 10/10. Key lyric: “If I could melt your heart we’d never be apart“ ‘Justify My Love’ (1990) As heavily censored as notorious sex jams like George Michael’s ‘I Want Your Sex’ and Donna Summer’s ‘Love To Love You’, this heavy-breathing song got banned by most networks for its depiction of a threesome, and its sprinkling of sadomasochism. It accordingly topped the charts in the US, Canada and, of course, Finland. Key lyric: “I want to know you. Not like that – I don’t want to be your mother.“ ‘Ray of Light’ (1998) Madonna dips into Eurodance and trance with this hazy, effects-laden banger for the ages, which peaks just after the 4.20 mark. Is there a playlist this song wouldn’t improve? Key lyric: “Faster than the speeding light she’s flying, trying to remember where it all began“. ‘True Blue’ (1986) So ’80s it hurts, ‘True Blue’ has an upbeat pop melody and crushing lyrics about love gone wrong. Naturally, it topped the UK singles chart. Key lyric: “Your heart fits me like a glove and I’m going to be true blue“. ‘Like A Virgin’ (1984) Filming the video for this unstoppable single in a centre of Catholic conservatism – Venice, specifically – Madonna maxed out her playful contrast of innocence and flirtiness, certifying her status as a masterful pop icon. Key lyric: “Like a virgin, feels so good inside when you hold me“ ‘Hung Up’ (2005) Beautifully sampling that arpeggiated bit from Abba’s ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’, breakup banger ‘Hung Up’ is quite easily the best Madonna song this side of the Millennium, taking the Number One spot in 41 countries. In its instantly recognisable video, Madge dances in a neon-pink leotard while people do some #parkour in London. It was 2005, after all. Key lyric: “Every little thing that you say or do, I’m hung up on you“. ‘Vogue’ (1990) The song that took voguing mainstream was totally open about its inspirations in the fashion world, name-checking icons and idols like Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monroe and Bette Davis, and homaging the fashion photography of Horst P Horst in its video. Key lyric: “Come on, vogue – let your body move to the music“ ‘Like A Prayer’ (1989) Gospel and pop join forces here, forming a praiseworthy confection of sexual and religious ecstasy. Its video, featuring shots of the KKK’s burning crosses, was one of Madonna’s most controversial, with vocal condemnation from the Vatican and many other religious groups. Bitch, she’s Madonna. Key lyric: “It’s like a little prayer, I’m down on my knees, I want to take you there“. What’s your favourite Madonna song? Let us know in the comments. The post Madonna’s 20 best songs appeared first on NME.

Watch Miley Cyrus impersonate Elvis in new ‘Younger Now’ video

Friday, 18 August 2017 15:14

  Miley Cyrus dresses up as Elvis Presley in her new video for ‘Younger Now’. Exclusive NME offer: Save £10 on Amazon Music Unlimited plans with code NME10 ‘Younger Now’ is Cyrus’ title-track from her upcoming album of the same name. The follow up to 2015’s ‘Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz’ will be released on September 29 and features Dolly Parton.  Miley’s ‘Younger Now’ video sees her don a rhinestone jumpsuit and recreate a famous Elvis puppet show. Watch below. Cyrus’ new album will also feature recent single ‘Malibu’ and ‘Inspired’. See its artwork and tracklist below.   1 Younger Now 2 Malibu 3 Rainbowland [feat. Dolly Parton] 4 Week Without You 5 Miss You so Much 6 I Would Die for You 7 Thinkin’ 8 Bad Mood 9 Love Someone 10 She’s Not Him 11 Inspired Meanwhile, it was recently announced that Miley Cyrus will return to perform at the VMAs this year for the first time since her infamous 2013 performance with Robin Thicke. Cyrus recently opened up on the performance and admitted that she became “sexualized” in the wake of it. “It became something that was expected of me,” she told Harper’s Bazaar of her raunchy behavior. “I didn’t want to show up to photo shoots and be the girl who would get my tits out and stick my tongue out.”  She added: “In the beginning, it was kind of like saying, ‘Fuck you, girls should be able to have this freedom,’ or whatever. But it got to a point where I did feel sexualised.” The post Watch Miley Cyrus impersonate Elvis in new ‘Younger Now’ video appeared first on NME.

Next ‘Star Wars’ spin-off movie reportedly about Obi-Wan Kenobi

Friday, 18 August 2017 15:06

  The next Star Wars spin-off is reportedly set to centre around Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi. Exclusive NME offer: Save £10 on Amazon Music Unlimited plans with code NME10  The franchise have released one spin-off film so far in 2015’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. It is set to be followed by an as-yet-untitled movie about Han Solo, while there are rumours more spin-offs will focus on Boba Fett, Yoda and more.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, Oscar-nominated director Stephen Daldry (Billy Elliot, The Hours) is in talks to take charge of a movie about Kenobi. Sources told the site that discussions are in the “earliest of stages” and that there is currently no script for the project. Obi-Wan Kenobi has been played by both Alec Guinness and Ewan McGregor in the past. The Empire Looms Large pic.twitter.com/IN7GiiJtXY — Ron Howard (@RealRonHoward) August 16, 2017  Earlier today, director Ron Howard posted a photo from the set of the Han Solo spin-off that could suggest when the movie is set. The latest image from the production shows a black helmet, worn typically by the Empire’s Death Star troopers, sitting on a computer console. Howard captioned the image: “The Empire Looms Large.” Though this is not concrete proof that the Han Solo film will feature the Death Star, it suggests that the prequel movie is set somewhere in the surrounding years of Rogue One and the 1977 film Star Wars, later retitled Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. The Han Solo movie is due out on May 25, 2018. The post Next ‘Star Wars’ spin-off movie reportedly about Obi-Wan Kenobi appeared first on NME.

Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz wants Rihanna on their new album

Thursday, 17 August 2017 17:18

  Fall Out Boy bassist and lyricist Pete Wentz has revealed that he wants Rihanna to guest star on their new album. Exclusive NME offer: Save £10 on Amazon Music Unlimited plans with code NME10 The comments come in a new Billboard interview, in which Wentz reveals that he’s been after a guest spot from the ‘ANTI’ singer for over a decade. Elsewhere in the interview, Pete Wentz discusses the band’s wider ranging influences on their new material. “The thing I point to now more than anything is we’re listening to a lot more music happening worldwide,” he says. “The thing I love about the globalization of music is I’m listening to beats that this kid in Lagos made… that would have never happened before.” Wentz continues: “That’s what our band needs… a foot in the future and a foot in the past… To balance the record. What’s interesting with Fall Out Boy is we have guitar, drums and bass, but we’re finding ways to incorporate other ideas. What I liked about The Clash was how they used and twisted those influences.” Fall Out Boy recently pushed back the release of their new album ‘M A N I A’ by four months. Their seventh studio album was due to be released on September 15, but will now not come out until 2018.  Frontman Patrick Stump broke the news to fans on Facebook, saying that the album “isn’t ready”. “We are pushing the record release date back to January 19th,” he wrote. “We had some long talks and a lot to weigh about it all and collectively thought that was best.” The post Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz wants Rihanna on their new album appeared first on NME.

Jennifer Lawrence wants you to be her drinking buddy

Thursday, 17 August 2017 17:11

  Jennifer Lawrence has launched a new charity competition that will see on entrant and a friend flown to California to drink wine with the star. In a bid to raise money and awareness for Represent.Us, the organisation that aims to pass anti-corruption laws in local, national and state government, and of which Lawrence is a board member.  “You want to help stop political corruption in America and drink a ton of wine?” she asks in a video. “I’m here to give you and a friend a chance to come wine tasting with me in California to benefit Represent.Us. “It’ll be great. We’ll hang out, drink some wine, talk politics, drink wine, maybe we’ll call your ex, maybe we’ll call my ex – who knows? The point is, we’ll have fun.” Lawrence then embarks on a game where she has to guess whether a quote is from a review of one of her movies or a review of a wine. In one example, she reads out the quote: “Doesn’t hold up to sober scrutiny.” “Yikes,” she comments before making her guess: “Passengers?” Watch the video above.  The competition and campaign runs for 42 days in partnership with Omaze. The winner and a friend will be put up in a 4-star hotel and will get to “picnic among the vines and play lawn games at the vineyard” with Lawrence. Depending on the size of the donation made when entering, fans could receive a set of two wine charms, two wine tumblers and a ‘We Run This’ t-shirt.   Fans under 21 years old can enter – if they win, alternative beverages will be provided. The post Jennifer Lawrence wants you to be her drinking buddy appeared first on NME.

WWE Legend Ric Flair Experiencing 'Multiple Organ Problems' & Remains in Critical Condition: Report

Thursday, 17 August 2017 17:02

Wrestling legend Ric Flair is experiencing “multiple organ problems” and remains listed in critical condition at an Atlanta-based hospital, according to his fiancée, Wendy Barlow. “I have been unable to talk on the phone without crying and just feel shocked over events,” Barlow said in a statement posted to her Facebook account, according to TMZ. Flair, 68, who wrestled for four decades during stints in WCW and WWE, has been hospitalized since the night of Aug. 11 after he complained of abdominal pain. “I want everyone to know he still needs prayers,” Barlow reportedly said. “I have been by his side since Friday and will continue to make sure he is getting the best care possible.” Details have been sparse, but TMZ reports Flair was placed into a medically induced coma before preparing for an unspecified operation on Aug. 14. Flair’s daughter, Charlotte Flair, posted a photograph to Instagram on Aug. 15 that addressed her father’s condition. Hi guys, On behalf of my family and I, we want to THANK everyone for the prayers, texts, calls and support. Our Dad is a FIGHTER and your continued thoughts and prayers MEAN THE WORLD to us. ???????????? We will update everyone when we have more information. ?????????????? A post shared by Charlotte Flair (@charlottewwe) on Aug 15, 2017 at 4:58am PDT “On behalf of my family and I, we want to THANK everyone for the prayers, texts, calls and support,” Charlotte said. “Our Dad is a FIGHTER and your continued thoughts and prayers MEAN THE WORLD to us.” There is no word as of yet if Flair is out of a coma. A rep for WWE did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Ellen DeGeneres Posts Loving Anniversary Tribute in Celebration of Nine Years of Marriage to Wife Portia de Rossi

Thursday, 17 August 2017 16:52

Nine years ago on Wednesday, the couple tied the knot. And in celebration of their anniversary, DeGeneres, 59, shared a loving tribute to Instagram! “@PortiadeRossi and I got married 9 years ago today,” the Ellen DeGeneres Show host captioned a smiling, black-and-white photo of the pair on their wedding day. “Being her wife is the greatest thing I am.” @PortiadeRossi and I got married 9 years ago today. Being her wife is the greatest thing I am. A post shared by Ellen (@theellenshow) on Aug 16, 2017 at 12:46pm PDT Singer Joshua Radin, who performed at the couple’s wedding, also took to the photo and video-sharing app to celebrate their union. “Nine years ago today, these two incredible women got married and asked me to sing some of my songs to them while they were celebrating their most special day. It’s still one of the most fun things I’ve ever done,” Radin wrote. “Happy anniversary @theellenshow and @portiaderossi.” ?? #Repost @joshuaradin ??? Nine years ago today, these two incredible women got married and asked me to sing some of my songs to them while they were celebrating their most special day. It's still one of the most fun things I've ever done. Happy anniversary @theellenshow and @portiaderossi A post shared by Ellen (@theellenshow) on Aug 16, 2017 at 2:35pm PDT During an interview with Oprah Winfrey, de Rossi recalled about falling for DeGeneres. “We actually met socially and I just felt that immediate draw,” she said. “We did talk a little bit and then over those three years, we saw each other at parties or at various things, but the one time that was the most significant was during a photoshoot actually.” She continued: “I just walked over to say hello to her, and I couldn’t believe it, but she turned around and it was like an arrow was shot through my heart. I felt weak at the knees and I was overwhelmed with how I felt, but then it took me about 10 months to get the courage up to actually do anything about it.” In a 2008 episode of her talk show, DeGeneres announced her plans to wed de Rossi; the reveal followed the news that the California Supreme Court had struck down a law banning same-sex marriage. The happy couple later showed off their engagement bling on the Daytime Emmys red carpet that same year. That August, the couple tied the knot with an intimate ceremony in their L.A. home. (To see more of their cute moments from throughout the years, click here). “Portia and I constantly say to each other, ‘We are so lucky.’ Sometimes it’s lying in bed at night before I go to sleep, and I just say thank you to whatever, whoever is out there,” DeGeneres told PEOPLE in her 2016 cover story. “I’ve gotten to a place where I really am just settled. Really. I know that I’m not going anywhere. She’s not going anywhere. I’m not saying the relationship took a while; I’m saying in my life, it took a while to find this.”

Usher Beams in Recording Studio with Jermaine Dupri Amid Herpes Lawsuit Scandal

Thursday, 17 August 2017 16:45

The 38-year-old joined producer Jermaine Dupri at a recording studio in Hallandale Beach, Florida, and happily smiled way for a snap on social media. The “Yeah!” singer and the producer previously created two of Usher’s biggest hits, “Confessions Part 1” and “2”, about a man who cheated on his partner. Dupri posted the photograph of himself leaping in the air as Usher sat on a couch laughing. The producer drew on lyrics from Usher’s song, “My Boo”, with Alicia Keys for the caption, writing “I don’t know aboutchall [sic].” The pair was joined by song writer Bryan-Michael Cox. Despite his happy demeanor, Usher is currently at the center of a legal scandal. In July, it was revealed Usher paid a female celebrity stylist $1.1 million to settle a 2012 lawsuit that claimed she had contracted herpes from him. Since then, three more individuals have come forward and are suing Usher — who married his current wife Grace Miguel in 2015 — for allegedly failing to warn them of his reported STD diagnosis. Earlier this month, Attorney Lisa Bloom filed a lawsuit in California on behalf of fan Quantasia Sharpton and the two other plaintiffs who have only been identified as “Jane Doe” and “John Doe”. In the filing obtained by PEOPLE, Sharpton and the other female claim they had vaginal sex with the singer while the male plaintiff alleges he had oral sex with the star.

‘Always Sunny’ star addresses reports that Dennis might leave the show

Thursday, 17 August 2017 16:39

  It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia star Charlie Day has responded to recent reports that main character Dennis could be leaving the show permanently. Exclusive NME offer: Save £10 on Amazon Music Unlimited plans with code NME10 The long-running FXX comedy concluded its twelfth season in March, with its final episode leaving on a cliffhanger, with Dennis Reynolds (played by co-creator Glenn Howerton) announcing that he is “leaving” Philadelphia and the ‘gang’ to “go be a dad”. This was followed by reports that Always Sunny was going on hiatus and Howerton could be taking a break from the show to pursue his new NBC sitcom, AP Bio. Kaitlin Olson (Dee in Always Sunny) recently spoke of how the show’s cast are “all busy with separate projects” currently. Speaking to Huffington Post, Day (who portrays Charlie Kelly in the show) played down the reports that the show could continue completely without Howerton, saying that he wouldn’t want to do a whole season without Dennis. “We really never want to do the show without Dennis,” Day said. “There is a possibility that maybe we would have Dennis in part of a season, not a complete season. I think we would still do a great season. There is a possibility that we have Dennis for an entire season, which would be fantastic.” See more: Watch this guy recreate ‘rum ham’ and all the weird food and drink from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia  He continued: “You know, we’ll see what happens with [Howerton’s] show, but I personally would not want to do the show without Dennis. And talking with Glenn, I know he still has a lot of love for the show and wants to do the show.” “I imagine we’ve not seen the last of Dennis Reynolds,” Day added. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia – which stars Charlie Day,Kaitlin Olson, Danny DeVito, Rob McElhenney and Glenn Howerton – has already been renewed for both a 13th and 14th season. This means it will become the joint longest-running live-action sitcom in US TV history, alongside The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet, a show from the ’50s and ’60s. It has been reported that the next season of Always Sunny won’t air until 2019 at the earliest. The post ‘Always Sunny’ star addresses reports that Dennis might leave the show appeared first on NME.

Frozen musical: First look at the stars in costume

Thursday, 17 August 2017 16:36

The snowman, the reindeer, the icy palace materializing out of frosty air — you’ll have to conjure up a ticket before you can lay eyes on those bits of stage magic. For now, whet your Frozen appetite with EW’s official first look at the principal foursome who will bring the characters from Disney’s Oscar-winning film to life on Broadway. Patti Murin, Caissie Levy, Jelani Alladin, and John Riddle star as Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Hans in the stage adaptation of Disney’s 2013 double-princess feature, the latest animated title to receive the stage treatment from Disney Theatrical Productions. The musical adaptation will test the (potentially solid) waters with a try-out in Denver from Aug. 17 through Oct. 1, followed thereafter by a Broadway arrival in February 2018. Set in the wintry, Norwegian-inspired kingdom of Arendelle, Frozen takes its stage cues from both the well-known tenets of the film and the minds of its all-star creative team, which includes Tony-winning director Michael Grandage, choreographer Rob Ashford, and scenic/costume designer Christopher Oram. “The interesting thing about a movie is that it’s going to be exactly the same tomorrow night, whereas a staged piece is absolutely not, and that’s our greatest asset,” says Grandage, the celebrated British director and namesake of The Michael Grandage Company. “I’m not particularly interested in slavishly replicating a movie onstage, because it won’t challenge anybody. We’ve got so many assets at our disposal where we can take that whole experience further. We can present things in new ways. We’ve got a bigger narrative arc. We’ve got more songs than the movie, and an opportunity to develop storylines in greater depth. But the thing we can do most of all is have real, live, breathing, beating hearts in front of people in the dark. I needed a cast where it wasn’t just going to be people who brilliantly pumped out some famous numbers, because I knew we had a bigger book and a bigger arc to explore and, in places, a really highly emotional journey.” Among the movie’s many merits (not the least of which is the legacy of — and now expectations for — its record-smashing showstopper “Let It Go”), Frozen was lauded in its theatrical release for painting new lines of emotionality onto the traditional Disney princess realm; on stage, the film’s protagonist sisters, driven apart by the eldest’s uncontrollable cryogenic powers, are played by longtime Broadway ingénues Murin and Levy, who hope to imbue the show with that same sororal sentiment. “The camaraderie that’s needed between Patti and Caissie, in terms of what goes on onstage, is amplified by the fact that those two, in life and in their work, seem to be very genuinely bonded together,” says Grandage. “They take it seriously, in a good way. They want to present Anna and Elsa in a very beautiful, very meaningful way, and watching that develop in rehearsal has been quite profoundly moving to me because the point about this story is that they get pulled apart early on. Now, how close [the actresses] have become is mirroring what they need to do in the piece, which has been very exciting to me as a director. Similarly, the journey we’re going on with John Riddle as Hans is really interesting because, spoiler alert, we’ve got to reinvent the film’s big revelation for the stage…and then separately to that, we’re creating a very, very important relationship between Kristoff and Sven, working with the way puppets interact and the people in them.” Sven, played with a prosthetic assist by the dancer Andrew Pirozzi, joins Olaf (Greg Hildreth) in representing the film’s more overtly difficult visual challenges for stage adaptation. But just as Beauty and the Beast made dining utensils tap and The Lion King brought the savannah to Times Square, Frozen has spent its share of time and resources to make the film’s designs and illusions seamless for an audience. Grandage promises surprises even beyond the expected beats: “There are a number of immediate problems to solve when putting something like Frozen on stage, but for every known ‘big deal’ in the narrative, we’ve come up with at least one to match that is going to be new for an audience.” Beyond the new book and expanded score by the film’s Oscar-winning team of Jennifer Lee, Kristen Anderson-Lopez, and Robert Lopez, the onus of reinvention also applies in large part to Oram, Grandage’s partner and long-time creative collaborator, who has taken on dual roles as Frozen’s scenic and costume designer. His style was influenced by a love of sci-fi and Disney animated movies, coupled with a research trip to Norway that exposed him to the timber-based culture’s painterly, rosemaled design aesthetic and the region’s panoramas, all of which have wiggled their way into Frozen in major and miniature ways. “When you start researching yourself, you realize you’re stumbling across the same images they found when they were making the movie. My hope is that we’ve taken it in another direction, which I hope is a parallel one where people say, ‘Oh, yes, that’s the dress,’ but now it’s on a real body, behaving in a real way,” says Oram. “The film had an actual costume designer… so there was more detail for us to work with here, but we’re ultimately respecting what it is and allowing an audience to then be able to identify the cast. At no point does someone go, ‘You know what? Let’s put Elsa in black. That’ll probably look good, won’t it?’ She’s going to be in a beaded dress and it’s going to be pale blue and it’s going to look absolutely beautiful.” As evidenced by the first look at the foursome, the gentlemen possess just as dashing fashion choices. “You want people to believe in it, to get that balance between seeing Hans in a very fine, beautifully embroidered jacket and Kristoff in his big chunky mountain gear,” says Oram, whose designs must contend with practical reveals and copious quick changes for the 40-strong cast populating the kingdom of Arendelle and its surrounding mountains. “The thing is, they’re wearing big, heavy, warm clothes, and the one thing it is not on stage is freezing cold. That’s dramatic irony for you.” Ultimately, based on a recent tabulation before previews began in Denver, Oram’s department had constructed a whopping 363 costumes based on 172 individual designs. “Is that the number? That’s fine by me,” he laughs. “I never stop to count. We’re never going to have as many Swarovski crystals as Aladdin, and we’ve just got to live with that.” Unless Elsa has something to say about it.




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