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"Another promotion agency?" - may you ask.
This is true, partly: our occupation is mainly the promotion, but we'll do it with an approach that since the beginning will be different from the past.
If you're in a band, think about how many times you needed someone who managed for you public relations, ask for interviews, find live dates, spread your press releases, and so on.
And how many times, if you trust to somebody, did you meet nitwits or - worse - parasites?
How many times, when you see band less deserving than you reaching important goals, did you think "You lucky thing, having such important contacts..."?
How many times have you been swindled by would-be "label", aware that they can play with the passion of a band, buying it with the mirage of a record deal?
Well, Spider Rock Promotion was born from an idea of a group of people who has been living the Rock/Metal world all along: musicians, journalists, but first of all LISTENERS. They decided to offer the bands their experience, that was stored in so many years of metal cause devotion, thanks to their editorial activities, or their militancy in bands of a certain importance in the worldwide metal scene.

The number of our contacts grew day by day, with media, labels, promoters and agents, and moreover we achieved the needed proficiency for a band who wants to emerge from the amorphous mass of ravenous wolves that is the underground scene.

This proficiency, sadly and with no offence intended, lacks for many of our collagues.

Spider Rock Promotion will provide to the band of its roster a managerial based cooperation, which will stay always private and never shouted. Spider Rock Promotion is and will always be a NO PROFIT association, whose main goal is to establish a dialogue and encourage the collaboration among the bands.

Spider Rock Promotion is assumed to be a guide in the hurdled path your band has started, showing all the traps we had to overcome ourselves. We'll analyze together an action plan and will schedule the interventions that will permit to your band to understand the scene and have the best chance with the partners.

For these reasons we can't have a large roster. Our job is concentrated on a few bands per year, and we'll chose them among many who contact us daily, enthusiastic with our original proposal.

As we must remain a NO PROFIT association, selection criterions will be just our liking of your band. We don't want to raise your expections, and don't want you to spend your money in vain, but what counts most, we don't want to put up a poor show with our contacts!