Malet Grace




Altri dati

Data di uscita 2017
Genere Prog / Power Metal
Label Self Produced


The idea behind "Malsanity" is based on the concept of the disintegration of the I, in the eternal inner struggle between the good and the evil that occurs in every man, where both the primitive parts end up melting indistinctly. This creates Chaos, depicted by the angel bearing the name of Malet.

The 11 songs in Malsanity tell about the various faces of this confrontation, conflictive and bonded at the same time, in a mix of thrash and progressive, combined in a modern sound and influenced by acts such as Fates Warning, Metallica, Queensryche, Helloween, Megadeth and Metal Church. The album features the search for varieties of styles and evolutions, and - as a consequence - the abandonment of "classical" structures, not denying rhythms and in-your-face parts, broken by bridges, refrains and melodic moments. The record was mixed by Marco Fanella (I Dottori).