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Malet Grace: EP in uscita PDF Stampa E-mail
Giovedì 16 Novembre 2017 08:56
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Spider Rock Promotion è lieta di annunciare l'uscita del nuovo EP dei Malet Grace, prevista per l'inizio del 2018. Dopo il debut album Malsanity, la metal band di Latina torna con un nuovo intenso lavoro: HUMANOCIDE.

Il lavoro conferma la raggiunta maturità tecnico-compositiva, e evidenzia un'evoluzione nello stile, meno elaborato ma d'impatto, curato minuziosamente nel sound.

L'album è stato registrato a Latina con l'aiuto di Marco Fanella, (I dOTTORI)

Di seguito cover artwork e tracklist:

FRONT cover_500
Malet Grace: official videoclip! PDF Stampa E-mail
Lunedì 18 Settembre 2017 07:53
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E' stato pubblicato sul canale YouTube di Spider Rock Promotion il primo videoclip ufficiale dei Malet Grace, realizzato dalla No Morning Production di Alessandro Campagna e Roberto Lattanzi.

Il brano, intitolato proprio "Malet Grace", è tratto dal debut album "Malsanity", di recente uscita.

La band è al lavoro su un EP, che uscirà alla fine dell'anno, sotto Spider Rock.


LABYRINTH: Architecture of a God out on April 21, 2017 PDF Stampa E-mail
Giovedì 23 Febbraio 2017 08:44
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Frontiers Music Srl is particularly pleased to announce that after a seven year hiatus, Labyrinth, the legendary Italian Metal band, will return with a brand new studio album, “Architecture of a God” on April 21, 2017.

In the spring of 2016, the band’s founding members, Andrea Cantarelli and Olaf Thorsen received a call from Frontiers asking them to discuss with vocalist Roberto Tiranti the possibilities of a reunion with a return to their classic sound to mount a comeback for the band. After much discussion, the guys agreed to make an album and also to make a very special appearance at the the first annual Frontiers Metal Festival, where they performed their signature album, “Return to Heaven Denied” in it’s entirety [said performance is being prepared for a future home video release.]

labyrinth architecture

Olaf says: “This has been easily the most difficult and challenging album I ever worked on. To be honest, when Frontiers contacted me, insisting to make this reunion happen, I was skeptical and worried. We couldn't simply make a new album, it wouldn't have been honest to the fans, to ourselves. Of course, this is as easy to say as also unbelievably tough to make real: we have so many good albums out there, looking at us from their past and which people still keep in their minds and hearts. That's why we decided to strengthen our line-up, joining with nobody else but the best musicians we believed they would have fitted perfectly into our perspective of the music we were about to write.”

Andrea adds: “The making of this album has been a fantastic journey. We brought back a lot of classic elements of our music, mixing it with something new and I'm so enthusiastic about the final result.”

Roberto Tiranti makes it short: “Just when you thought you already gave everything you could, expressing every possible musical aspect of your way of intending music for a band like Labyrinth, then comes "Architecture of a God", to remind you that nothing is impossible!”

labyrinth band

With a new line-up rounded out by drummer extraordinaire John Macaluso (TNT, Riot, Ark etc.), Oleg Smirnoff (Vision Divine, Edritch) on keyboards, and Nik Mazzucconi on bass, Labÿrinth are truly coming back stronger than ever and have offered up a superb self-produced album. “Architecture of a God” (mixed by DGM’s Simone Mularoni) is a record that encompasses all the elements the band is known for: fast power metal songs with unforgettable hooks, epic prog infused metal songs, and some great melodic numbers that compose a record which is easily going to be another milestone for the Italian metal masters!

“What we have in our hands, now, it's "Architecture of a God": by far, the most mature and complete album we ever wrote,” concludes Thorsen. “There's no will to challenge our glorious past, but I'm really confident that, once released, this album will set a new standard for our music!”

“Architecture of a God” tracklisting includes:
1. Bullets
2. Still Alive
3. Take On My Legacy
4. A New Dream
5. Someone Says
6. Random Logic
7. Architecture of a God
8. Children
9. Those Days
10. We Belong To Yesterday
11. Stardust and Ashes
12. Diamond

Roberto Tiranti – lead vocals
Olaf Thorsen – lead guitars
Andrea Cantarelli – lead guitars
Nik Mazzucconi – bass guitar
Oleg Smirnoff - keyboards
John Macaluso - drums


Malet Grace: new entry nel roster di Spider Rock! PDF Stampa E-mail
Mercoledì 31 Maggio 2017 10:55
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Spider Rock Promotion è lieta di annunciare l'inizio della collaborazione con i Malet Grace!

Nata nel 2014, la band propone il suo Metal dal sound moderno e graffiante, perfettamente sintetizzato nel debut album "Malsanity", uscito su tutti gli store digitali il 26 Maggio 2017. Pur non essendo una distribuzione Spider Rock Promotion, crediamo che questi ragazzi meritino maggiore visibilità, che si concretizzerà alla fine dell'anno, con una sorpresa tutta targata Spider Rock!

Presto sarete invasi dalla potenza dei Malet Grace! Se siete amanti di sonorità vicine ai primi Fates Warning, ai Metallica, ai Queensryche, agli Helloween, ai Megadeth e ai Metal Church, i Malet Grace saranno per voi un mix esplosivo che vi consigliamo caldamente di non perdere!

98 592c75743f350

cb foto_0_592c73c620eb8

HoneyBombs: firma con Sliptrick Records e disco in arrivo! PDF Stampa E-mail
Mercoledì 22 Febbraio 2017 08:17
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Spider Rock Promotion è orgogliosa di annunciare la nuova collaborazione con Sliptrick Records: i nostri HoneyBombs, infatti, hanno recentemente siglato un accordo con la label italiana per l'uscita del loro debut album, intitolato "Wet Girls And Other Funny Tales".

Il disco, di cui vi anticipiamo cover artwork e trackilist, uscirà il 13 aprile 2017.

cover artwork500


  1. Radical Shit
  2. BrazzersDotCom
  3. Fat Girls Are Goin' Mad
  4. G.R.A.B. (GhettoRatchetAssBitch)
  5. Don't Wanna Be Like Johnny
  6. Till The Night Is Over
  7. We Are Gonna Kick Your Ass
  8. Oh My God!
  9. Sweet Little Dummy
  10. Six Pack On Your Back
  11. Maniac (Bonus Track)

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