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Blind Horizon project was born in 2005 by Marco, Luca and Ambra.

Their very first songs are influenced from band such as Carcass, Death, etc...

After Alex and Roberto joined the band, the songs get more complex and reborn in a mix of death metal, seventees and deathcore aptitude.

In 2006 their first official EP "The Shadowman" is released and the interest towards this band immediately comes out (top demo on Rock Hard and many other enthusiatic reviews).

The four pieces in tracklist are beautiful samples of prog death (Opeth and Death above all).

In 2007 Roberto leaves the band due to personal reasons and Fede joins up.

The band starts performing live many gigs and festivals with a kicking-ass result and in 2009 their debut album is ready to be released: "The Parallax Theory" is recorded in Hombre Lobo studio in  Rome and is definitely a success. The "in your face" aptitude is strengthened by a powerful and clear production, the vocals are desperately screamed and the riffs are killer ones. Moreover pure bloody hard rock is included too.

With this album Blind Horizon are ready to demonstrate that death metal lives in Italy too.

Death Metal / Prog Rock

Alex: vocals
Luca: guitars
Ambra: guitars
Fede: bass
Marco: drums


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BLIND HORIZON mini tour - tappa 2 20/09/2014

BLIND HORIZON mini tour - tappa 1 19/09/2014