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I Suffer incorporated (I Suffer incorporated)

I Suffer inc. started on 2004 as a metal core band. They have released two albums: Bury Me in Silence (B/2D Films, 2004) and Chronicles of Lost Purity (Burning Star Records, 2006) that are metalcore albums with emo influences.
According to the band, the emocore component was abandoned with some particular arrangements, in favour of in-the-face solutions and impact eighties melodies, in a word more HEAVY.

The project forecasts collaborations with many artists from the Italian Metal Scene.

I Suffer Incorporated are not simply a band, but a real ambicious musical project.

In november 2010 the EP "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Me(n)tal Disorders" was released through Spider Rock Promotion, with the collaboration of artists such as Val Monteleone (Dying Diva), Mauro Gelsomini (Kingcrow), Il Conte (Wine Spirit), Federico Ferranti (Blind Horizon).

Heavy / Metalcore

Chronicles Of Lost Purity
2006 Burning Star Records

Bury Me In Silence
2004 B/2D Films

Alex Sweet Savage - Vocals, Guitars, Synth

Faster Percy - Lead Guitars

Franko SteelBlade - Bass Guitar


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