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The group was founded in 1991 as a sort of garage underground metal band. The initial line up was composed by Frank Andiver on drums, Andrea Bartoletti on bass, Andrea Cantarelli and Olaf Thorsen (stage name of Carlo Andrea Magnani) on guitars and Fabio Tordiglione (aka Fabio Lione) behind the microphone. Their '94 first demo tape titled "Midnight Resistance"contributes to a discrete notoriety thanks to good reviews in Italian and German metal magazines. As a result many small record labels contact the group which eventually signed up for Underground Symphony. Labyrinth immediately made the first EP "Piece of Time" based on pure melodic speed metal. This creates a certain interest around the band that increases after the release of "No Limits" in '95 with new members Ken Taylor (Luca Contini) on keyboards and Cristiano Bertocchi on bass. Thanks to Pick up records, which manages the Italian products to be exported in the international market, a promo of "No Limits" attracts the attention of a few labels including the Japanese Teichiku records. The Labyrinth “ No limits” album enter in the top ten, for an entire semester, one of the best metal magazines "Burnn!" and enter even in the top twenty of the annual ranking of the preferences of '97. The album has a decent sale but not enough to allow the group to make a tour. Discrete business also came from Korea and Brazil. Despite the good results, there are some tensions between some members of the band, particularly between the singer Joe Terry (Fabio Lione) and drummer / producer Frank Andiver. Fabio Lione left the band and rejoins the band, "Athena", with whom he had previously played with a different name. Fabio sing subsequently also in Rhapsody (which is currently part) and in Vision Divine group (which is currently part). And in the '97, a new singer, Rob Tyrant (Roberto Tiranti), joins the band and a new demo is in production to be released on the market in August. In the meantime, Frank Andiver drummer / producer and keyboardist member of the historical Labyrinth line up decides to split and they respectively replace him with Mat Stancioiu and Andrew McPauls. In the summer of '97 Metal Blade, the American giant label in the field of metal, has a strong interest in the new material of the group. Interest which leads to a real contract for 3 CD. Some areas are still out of the contract and the Metal Blade allows the option for the second album by other important local labels such as Teichiku for King Records Japan and for Korea, etc. . The recording of "Return to Heaven Denied" requires an entire semester. In this period the Labyrinth participate, although the album is not out yet, the major events of the year, as the Gods of Metal '98, with groups of international caliber like Black Sabbath, Helloween, Blind Guardian, Stratovarius, etc.. . Great reviews and interviews are countless flattering on all metal magazines, "Return to Heaven Denied" is an album of pure power metal and gives a static shock to the scenario of the Italian metal. Another tile falls on the group as Rob Tyrant decides not to keep more than one part to devote himself entirely to the other group in which he sang in the band called "New Trolls". His place is taken by Morby, a guarantee in the heavy metal genre, and with the new singer in the summer of '98, the Labyrinth go on tour throughout Europe as a support group to Hammerfall and found great success and bringing so the sales of their CDs to over sixty thousand copies. Also Mat Stancioiu had personal troubles for this tour and his place was taken temporarily bi Ross Lukather at the time Death SS drummer. In June '99 Labyrnth perform in the Gods Of Metal in Milan sharing the stage with big bands like Metallica, Motorhead, Manowar, Angra, Stratovarius, Mercyful Fate, etc. .. This event sees the return on a permanent basis in the line-up of t of the singer Rob Tyrant. After this' "summer festival" the band entered the studio to record a new full-length entitled "Sonf Of Thunder." Unfortunately for fans, the recording of the album needed a little 'more time during the mixing stage (the sound of the first record did not satisfy the band) cuz of troubles with the american producer Neil Kernon. But in the meantime they took our part (such as the presentation of the new album) to other major European festivals such as Wacken 2000 Rock Machina 2000 having an incredible success. The new album released in August 2000 entenring the Japanese chart at number 52 and 26 of the Italian. These good results were rewarded with a request to do a tour in South America with Vision Divine. The two Italian band made continuous sold out! Then in February 2001 a small Italian tour with the support band Sigma and a big, long European tour in support of Helloween before and after the Iron Saviour. In the words of a wise Italian, there is no rose without a thorn. And unfortunately the Italian label had not having a correct behavior over the years and the band had to submit legal action against it. Meanwhile, in March 2002, a small tour to present the Italian metal scene: "Italian Attack" was composed of three dates with bands such as Domine, White Skull, Skylark, November and Centurion. Some new tracks were prepared during the month of May of the same year, but suddenly a bolt from the blue broke the enthusiasm of the fans: Olaf Thorsen decided to leave the band. The reason must be sought in the days when the Labyrinth began to work on new tracks. Olaf certainly had different ideas for the album. He decided to devote himself entirely to his project Vision divine. Meanwhile Mat Stancioiu McPauls and Andrew decided to leave Vision Divine to devote himself entirely to the Labyrinth. In July 2002, he was released the first demo of the new era of the band, four songs full of power and aggression. The group decided to get rid of their fake names and use real names. The next demos let them to sign three contracts: Century Media Records in Europe and America, V2 for Italy and King Records for Japan. In January 2003, Labyrinth started recording the new album which was called just "Labyrinth", produced by the band itself. It was recorded in Noise Factory studios in Milan and mastered at House Of Audio in Germany In the meantime, the legal problems with the old Italian label were resolved. Roberto Tiranti began his experience in the musical "The Ten Commandments", which has kept him busy until early 2004. The CD then came out on June 30, postponed to July 4 for Italy because of the old problems of the label. The next step was to find a good second album guitarist for concerts. They found in Pier Gonella, an old friend of Robert and Andrea De Paoli, the perfect union of violence and technique. The first show with the new component is the Agglutination Metal festival in Chiaromonte (PZ), where the Labyrinth was the third band, before Vader and Virgin Steele. After the defection of Vader, our took the honor of playing before the great American band. After the summer of 2003, the show has been prepared to support the new album, a tour outside the usual standard. Now the band working on a new album, scheduled for autumn 2004, the year of the tenth anniversary of their history. During this period, Pier Gonella, due to its good ideas for new songs joined the band as a sixth member in an official way. This was followed in the course of 2004 a tour of Asia that has touched countries such as Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong. It was named Banzai tour. In the same year they had a show in London with Dream Evil, events leading up to the agreement with the label Arise Records. The successor of Labyrinth, was released in March 2005 under the name of Freeman showing on the cover a disturbing mannequin stands tied with his hands behind his back, while photos of the members of the group are confined in straitjackets , which will also were weared during live sets. The package is further enhanced with extra bonus DVD containing the concerts of Tokyo and London, a promotional video with the making of "LYAFH" and "Freeman". After the headlining tour they performing in 3 dates supporting Dream Theater and Angra and then participating in the Metal Way Festival in Bilbao. In 2006, Cristiano Bertocchi left the band (to enter Vision Divine), and instead of hiring another bassist Labyrinth keep Roberto Tiranti as singer and bassist. Their first date with this line up was at Evolution Festival. In 2007 they released the album 6 Days to Nowhere. Subsequently Pier Gonella left the band to devote himself permanently to Necrodeath and his solo projects Mastercastle. Surprisly Olaf Thorsen was back to be an fundamental part of Labyrinth again preparing the publication of Return to Heaven Denied, Pt 2 - A Midnight Autumn Dream. In 2009 Mat Stanciou decide to make is life busy only as sound engineer of his Elnor studio lefting the band. The same year Alessandro Bissa and Sergio Pagnacco bassist of Vanexa join the band. In 2010 Labyrinth sign for Scarlet records and Global live music that books to Labyrinth incredible tours tour with Megadeth and gigs as support band with historical artists like Ozzy Osbourne and a Gods of metal in Turin with Motorhead. In the same year Labyrinth was choosen by Iron Maiden between a rooster of ten european band to open their concert in Udine. Labyrinth performed a memorable gig. After these gigs Labyrinth are a busy with some italian gigs and side project as A perfect day, Vision divine and Chaos Venture. Now they are ready to publish the new album that will be ready between 2013 and 2014.

Power Metal

Roberto Tiranti (vocals)

Olaf Thorsen (guitars)

Andrea Cantarelli (guitars)

Andrea De Paoli (keyboards)

Sergio Pagnacco (bass)

Alessandro Bissa (drums)

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