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Kiara Laetitia (Kiara Laetitia)

Kiara Laetitia is a rock singer, writer, model and actress and she is known for being the former lead singer of the symphonic rock band Skylark.
Born in Italy on June 16th, she started with commercials at the age of 10 and since then she has never stopped.
One album at #3 in the Japanese Rock & Pop charts for over a month beating Paul McCartney, Linkin Park and Marylin Manson, a live DVD at #4 in the Japanese charts, playing with some of the major rock acts on the Planet, the first Italian rock singer who performed in Japan, the first Italian female singer playing in China and the first Italian female singer who has performed in Taiwan, a collection of trading cards in her honor in Japan, a guest appearance in the all star project "Beto Vazquez Infinity", a duet with Virgin Steele's mastermind David De Feis, plus being featured in some of the most important music magazines (BURRN! Japan, Metal Hammer, Flash, Metal Shock...)...Kiara is a hurricane!!!

She was a model for Exté, Schwarzkopf and Givenchy just to name a few, actress and assistant director in theaters (she also wrote a play) and brief TV productions on the Italian national TV channels Italia 1 and LA7. She wrote a book which has been unpublished so far, since as Kiara states "I don't think it's finished yet, I've been working on it since 2002...it's my creature and I wanna make sure everything's perfect before publishing it". As far as singing, she won several national competitions before starting some rock bands.

Fame arrives in 2003 when she was chosen by Skylark to be their new singer. Her first track with the band was “When love and hate collide” a cover from Def Leppard which immediately gave her popularity. Kiara became one of the most featured female singers on BURRN! Magazine in Japan and she also appeared in a special article dedicated to female voices with stars such as Amy Lee from Evanescence and Tarja Turunen ex Nightwish.
She toured Italy and Europe, Japan (4 live tours there and several promotional ones), China and USA playing both as headliner and with the likes of Virgin Steele, Nightwish, Dream Theater just to name a few.
In Japan, she was featured in a collection of trading cards, establishing her role as an icon in the Japanese market.
In 2007, Kiara Laetitia signed the history of Skylark since the album "The Last Gate" hit position # 3 in the Top 50 of the Japanese HMV Rock and Pop Chart, only behind Bon Jovi and Dream Theater and just before artists like Paul McCartney, Velvet Revolver, Linkin Park and Marilyn Manson and staying for more than a month in the charts. The DVD "The Live Gate" entirely recorded in Phoenix hit position #4 in the Japanese HMV Charts in 2009.
Kiara is the first Italian rock singer who performed in Japan, the first Italian female singer playing in China and the first Italian female singer who has performed in Taiwan.
Thanks to Kiara’s voice, for the first time Skylark entered the North American market as the first Italian power metal band printed in the USA.
In November 2008 Kiara was featured in "Darkmind" the new album of the Argentinian Beto Vazquez Infinity, which in the past featured Tarja (ex Nightwish), Candice (Blackmore's Night), Fabio Lione (Rhapsody of Fire) and many more.
Kiara dueted with Virgin Steele's mastermind David De Feis on the song "Symbol of freedom" in the self-titled album "Skylark" printed in Japan and Brazil only.
In 2011 Kiara's adventure with Skylark was over, but she announced she still has quite a few surprises for her fans...


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