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Nexus Opera (Nexus Opera)

The beginnings

Nexus Opera are a metal combo with members from Abruzzo, Lazio and Sicilia, born in late 2002 from the brotherhood between two guitar players, Marco and Ale, and from their passion for Metal music and for Strato-oriented sound.
In order to set up the band of their dreams, they hire via chat Gianfrancesco, a keyboard-player that was movin’ form his home town in abruzzo to the Capital, Rome. After a short they take aboard Andrea, already at that time (and still now) the drummer of Sudden Death and he brings to the band his fellow countryguy Enrico to the bass guitar. The five man band find a nest in the legendary rehearsal room built by Andrea in the Castelli romani countryside.
The band is almost done apart the vocalist and the name. The name comes from Marco's deviated mind… Nexus Opera. The meaning takes a well-defined form only when Enrico opens the gates of the band even to his great brother of metal and vocalist Davide.


The very first songs, at that time in an embryonic state, are now completed and enriched with lyrics that find common inspiration: the WWII. Episodes, small and great tales that make a surround or main plot to what has been the most important and devastating war for humanity.
Nexus Opera become therefore a connection operation, a bridge to link past, present and future to tell these tales like a warning for us all…or just for the pleasure to tell ’em. The music? Let’s call it War Metal!

Success…and crisis

It is 19th March 2003 and the band performs the first legendary show at Sonica in Rome like opening act for Ivory Moon, gaining good response for the songs. Other nice experiences and two shows come soon but Andrea understand that he cannot carry on and prefers to dedicate to his main band. The other guys try to find a new drummer but short after even Gianfrancesco has to give up. We are now in 2004 and Christian from Penne joins the band and the guys try to rearrange tracks without keyboard but after a while darkness falls above the Nexus Opera project…

Sometimes they come back!!!

We need to wait to late 2012 when, magically and suddenly, 5/6 of original Nexus Opera meet again with a lot less hair (apart Marco) and some Kgs more (above all Marco…). The step to the rehearsal room is very short even thanks to a new drummer, Alessandro (and now they are two in the band). The ‘old’ songs bring back to life giving new energy and passion to the guys that start agsain to write new materials and prepare a ‘come back live’ event: 9th June 2013 at Jailbreak in Rome, again as opening act for the old friends Ivory Moon, as it was ten years before!!!
From late 2013 the guys decide to make a step further, and spend most of 2014 writing, rehearsing, recording and now they are almost ready to show the very first Nexus Opera work: the outcoming ‘Tales from WWII’…stay tuned.

Power Metal

Davide Aricò (VOCALS)
Marco Giordanella (GUITARS)
Alessandro Pinna (LEAD GUITAR)
Enrico Perciballi (BASS)
Alessandro Novelli (DRUMS)
Gianfrancesco Araneo (KEYBOARDS)


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