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Wednesday, 13 July 2011 07:35
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The Aura has been confirmed for next year (the seventeenth) dell'Agglutination Metal Festival, the biggest metal event of the summer southern Italy!

This official statement of the organizers:


Chiaromonte (PZ) August 20, 2011


Well, there we are! We were able again to field a praiseworthy edition of the festival, there was no more possible for you because of the coincidence of SUMMER BREEZE Germany, where many good teams had already given their availability, either by the fact that the costs Today many groups are imported unsustainable for a festival in the South without proper institutional support.

However one thing we are sure, this seventeenth edition dell'Agglutination once again will be a celebration and a great enjoyment for fans of Heavy Metal, yes, because we still groups internationally, capable of offering listening pleasure and performance exciting for our beloved music, in every respect.

There they will be the BULLDOZER, fathers and masters of speed / thrash Italian group, which has even influenced many famous foreign bands!

There will be MAJESTY Germany will soon release the new album, a group that has already been active for years collected much less than they deserved, than many more famous groups, but their songs are really a delight for lovers of the Power- Epic metal and more. We have chosen them because they are among our favorites and are sure that many will thank us for averceli facts discovered and brought them to the festival.

And to finish in the Big, a great gift for all of us, that we chose and we are grateful to Alex of Nihil Prod them to us to be able to get on the stage of .... The cover band with the legendary BOMBERS Abbath of IMMORTAL along with other great figures of the Norwegian heavy scene! They will bring us the great office of Rock'n Roll of the great Motorhead!

In support of the corporate guests a succession of groups ranging from Italian prog of the Aura until the rotten black metal Tyrannizer Order.

I think more than that you could!! In addition we report the Festival in Chiaromonte (PZ) in an area very nice and friendly most of all 'shadow and we promise that this year the legendary local sandwiches with sausage will be up to the reputation of our festival! Now we just hope that you will be numerous and each do our part, we are ready to bet that you will not be disappointed. INFO: Gerardo Cafaro 349.7851980 email.


BULLDOZER we are God .... Italian Thrash!

MAJESTY Power-Epic Metal (Germany)

BOMBERS Motorhead cover band (Norway)

with Abbat (Immortal)







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