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Thursday, 21 May 2015 08:27
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After three months and a half since Noise release, it's time for Aura to collect the fruit of their work. The official videoclip, Behind My Eyes, has reached 6000 views, and exciting reviews have been published worldwide:

My hope is that more people check out these guys because they are talented and "Noise" is a great album all the way through.
Rob Pociluk,

Fantastic work. Very original music, great mix.
Noise is highly recommended, indispensable for any fine metal music collector.
Jesus Monjaras,

The result is an album that is not only about great performances, but first and foremost, about great songs to remember.
Jeff Stevens,

Album of absolute value, the best in their career, it could consecrate them among the leading Italian Prog acts.
Paolo Ponente,

Sometimes change is good ... this "Noise" is a clear example! Let's go on so that!
Dario "CryingGuitar" Cattaneo,

Simply they have released a fantastic album. These guys can create music of highest class and without compromises, they are a highlight of the Italian progressive metal scene and this album is to buy and listen to. Recommended to all, being progster or not.
Pier Paolo Lunesu,

Crystalline class in this "Noise", dedicated to the most demanding ears.
René Urkus,

"Noise" places as a milestone in their career, as well as a tenacious competitor in Italian scene, full of great technical and artistic gifted bands.
Nicola Furlan,


Noise is available in digipack format from the band's official store, or in download format from all digital platforms such as:

Google Play