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Friday, 11 March 2011 10:12
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Another new entry in  Spider Rock roster!

We're talking about Aura, an Italian band who since their 2008 debut "A Different View From The Same Side" is addicted to traditional progressive metal, whose main influences are Spock's Beard, Queensryche, but also Genesis, ELP, Yes, Pink Floyd and PFM.

After this album, Giovanni Trotta (vocals and drums), Angelo Cerquaglia (bass), Giuseppe Bruno (guitar) e Francesco Di Verniere (keyboards) started a new program, where melodic side is more important, and turn towards '70 psychedelic and keys-oriented prog.

Their second album, "Deliverance", will be out on 15th April 2011 under Spider Rock Promotion for digital market. The album has been recorded, mixed and mastered at Mainfunk Digital Recording Studio in Sapri (SA) by Antonio Postiglione from september to october 2010. It's an oniric concept album telling of a man's dream: he travels through Palestine and lives again the sufferings of the Israeli people and Jesus Christ himself to reach his redemption, at the end.

The song "Egypt's Call" is available in streaming at this address: https://www.spiderrockpromotion.it/muscol/song/249

Here is the cover artwork, painted by the great Chilean artist Claudio Bergamin (https://www.claudiobergamin.com/) and the final tracklist.


  1. The Arrival
  2. In My Memories
  3. Egypt's Call (Listen)
  4. The Eden's Tree
  5. Efraim
  6. A Candle's Dream
  7. The Bridge Of Silence
  8. The Glorious Day
  9. The Last Stand 
  10. Resurrection
The arrival
In my memories
Egypt's call
The Eden's tree
A candle's dream
The bridge of silence
The glorious day
The last stand