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We’re in the eighties, times when Glam and Hair Metal rule on the MTV and even in Rome everybody dreams about Hollywood and the Sunset Strip but hangs out in Piazza di Spagna, dressed in leather and torn jeans, listening to Skid Row and Guns n’ Roses.
Nicola and Peppe, young, handsome and long haired (well…let’s say young and long haired), play in “Trenergia” while eating and breathing of KISS, Andrea plays in “Baby Bites” (the most famous band in his block) and loses his time in college. These three spend their moves (badly) in the roman metal scene hoping for the big call from the audience…but fall asleep by the phone instead, in the 90’s, while a lame Nirvana song plays on the radio.

Here come the 2000’s and the world re-descovers hard rock, sweeping it, clearing it from dust and putting it back in circle thanks sto the web, the return of the old bands (who put leather, glitter and chains back on thier chubby belly) and the newbie of Glam.
Our heroes wake up, get together tanks to an add, ad feeling the urge to play, enter in rehab for Aulin and Spaghetti Amatriciana.
Their Hair is not the same as before, skills too, but their will is strong, so after a few rehersal the band with the name “Wicked Starrr” (with 3 R ‘cause 1 is taken by a Norvegian Fetish adn 2 by an English Stripper Shoes Company) starts to produce new songs, playing for hours, blowing lines of Aulin.

And here they are, shining again, despite coronary artery bypass and arthritis, playing their catchy and
smart ass hard rock on Rome’s stages.

Are you ready for Vintage Rocker’s Invasion?

Hard Rock / Hair Metal / Glam

Wild Joey (drums and teasin)

Dave J.Halson (Voice and Jokes)

Luke Rassman (Bass and Jumps)

Andy Starrr (Guitar and poses)


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ROCK & ROLL Glam Live Nite in Rome 04/10/2014

Roxx Roma Festival con Pino Scotto 07/08/2014

Reckless Love + Burning Black + Lipstick + WICKED STARRR 09/05/2014

Markonee + Wicked Starrr + Lipstick + Hog Wild 26/04/2014

Glam Night with Bai Bang 11/04/2014