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Wednesday, 28 April 2010 18:04
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The I Suffer Incorporated are preparing to enter the studio to encode the EP entitled "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Me (n) this Disorders".

Behind the drums, the band will have the honor to welcome a new member, Stuart Franzoni, since Marco Di Salvia, because of commitments with Node and Pino Scotto, will not be able to follow the project as hoped, and the band, mutual agreement with management has given priority to avoid further delays on the road map, especially for a matter of respect towards other guests to attend this mini and the next full length (Tommy Sadist, Mauro former Kingcrow Jasmine, Val Monteleone the Dying Diva, Gianluca Fontana Necrodeath Count of Wine and Spirit).

The I Suffer Incorporated, however, are proud and honored to have Stuart as a member of the lineup, and not as a simple guest. Friend of the band for some time, Stuart is a name known in the Italian metal scene, having played around Europe with bands like Corpse Fucking Art, Lunarsea (band has also participated in the Gods of Metal), and today a member Semeion of Mgkeylab.