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Wednesday, 02 September 2009 08:43
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It 's official! The I Suffer Incorporated have reformed, and we at Spider Rock Promotion we are also proud to announce their entry into our roster, confirming rumors that they were running for some time.
At the moment this is the official put lineup: Alex Sweet Savage (guitars, vocals, drum programming), Napulesh (bass guitar) J Fasterluk (guitars).
No longer the match Val Monteleone (vocals), busy with his Dying Diva, or Mick (drums), dealing with various musical projects.
The band has already entered the studio for the preproduction phase of the songs that compose the successor Chronicles Of Lost Purity .
The I Suffer inc. have a metal core band founded in 2004 that already has two albums: Bury Me in Silence (B/2D Films, 2004) and Chronicles Of Lost Purity (Burning Star Records, 2006), releases, these, by a clear matrix metalcore with emo influences.
According to the band itself, the component emocore was abandoned, as well as certain arrangements more articulated, in favor of solutions more impactful, more eighties, in a word more HEAVY.
And 'planned collaboration with various artists of the Italian metal scene.
The I Suffer Incorporated are no longer just a band, but a real and very ambitious musical project.