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Wednesday, 20 April 2011 08:20
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Hot news for I Suffer Incorporated.
While the songwriting process for the upcoming new full length entitled "The Mighty Johnny Night's Adventures" continues, the band made available for free download one cover version of "A Forest" by The Cure.  
You can download for free "A Forest (cover The Cure) Heavy Raw mix by Alex Sweet Savage" through these locations:

It's a particular version of the famous song, with an underground flavour.

In the meantime, as said, the songwriting for Johnny's story goes on: his adventures were previewed by the song  "Don't Wanna Be Like Johnny", featured by "Il Conte" of Wine Spirit as a guest, that was included in the EP Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Me(n)tal Disorders, out through Spider Rock Promotion on last october.

The full length will be embellished by other prestigious guests, a trademark for I Suffer Incorporated, who will be unveiled later.

This is the tentative tracklist:

  1. The Wake Up
  2. Shopping and Make Up
  3. Meet Me at the Pub
  4. Johnny the Almighty
  5. Bad Girls are going Mad
  6. The Mighty Johnny Night's Adventures
  7. Eatin' Fresh Meat
  8. Fallin' in Love with a Dummy
  9. Oh my God!!!
  10. Guitar in a Hand, Bottle in the Other One
  11. Relatives' Lunch
  12. Don't Wanna Be Like Johnny (Feat. "Il Conte" of Wine Spirit)


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