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Monday, 26 October 2009 11:47
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The I Suffer Incorporated proudly announces the presence of Tommy Talamanca Sadist in a track from their forthcoming album scheduled for mid 2010.
This collaboration, which was sparked by the band, for the admiration that I Suffer Incorporated have towards Tommy and the influence that the Genoese artist, with his band, worked in metal, is without doubt an exceptional event.
Meanwhile, for the forthcoming mini was confirmed by Mauro Jasmine (ex Kingcrow) and Val Monteleone (Dying Diva) who will join Alex Sweet Savage on vocals and Marco Di Salvia Node of the battery.
Mark (already present as a guest on one song of previous album, as a backing vocalist in the original), enthusiastic about the project, has given his willingness to record the drums is that the mini's next full length, as guest of 'honor, having also the friendship that binds the artist to the band.
In the future, new partnerships will be added to the already large number of artists, so that the full length will become the first real attempt to create a scene Italic, made ​​estimation, mutual exchange and growth choir, instead of the usual rumors, of usual jealousies and misunderstandings, and that the project I Suffer Incorporated becomes a sort of Metal-Convention, following the example of London-Pub Live, where arts and artists most representative of our home meet and leave a mark of their passage, putting available experience of the scene far too jealously guarded.
Meanwhile, I Suffer Incorporated are finishing the compositions and arrangements of the mini titled "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Me (n) this Disorders".