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Monday, 18 October 2010 09:42
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Missing a week of PE exit "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Me (n) this Disorders".

The album will be digitally distributed in Italy by Spider Rock Promotion and throughout the rest of the world from TuneCore Inc. The album will be downloadable in high quality directly from the site of Spider Rock at the special price of 4.50 euros, including the entire artwork pdf e-book format, to work Canistracci Oil Media.

Here's the tracklist and the cover of the EP.

  1. Blasting Rodeo Drive - feat. Frederick Ferranti (Blind Horizon)
  2. Pocket Doll - feat. Val Monteleone (Dying Diva, Brendon Boys, etc..), Federico Ferranti (Blind Horizon)
  3. Do not Wanna Be Like Johnny - Feat. The Count (Wine Spirit), Federico Ferranti (Blind Horizon)
  4. Doctor Doctor (UFO cover) - feat. Mauro Jasmine (ex Kingcrow), Federico Ferranti (Blind Horizon)
  5. The Male Supremacy (or How To subjugate A Woman in 10 Easy Steps) - feat. Mauro Jasmine (ex Kingcrow), Federico Ferranti (Blind Horizon)