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Fight Now

Fight Now
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Released November 2013
Genre Hard Rock
Length 20:34
Label Spider Rock promotion
Catalog Number SRP01305


Fight Now is the first solo album for Kiara Laetitia, ex vocalist of Skylark (and writer, model and actress, too).

The EP contains 4 songs: "Fight Now", "I'm Not God", "Miss You Again" and a cover version of Virgin Steele's classic "Victory Is Mine". The EP has been entirely written, arranged and produced by Kiara Laetitia herself and David DeFeis who took a break from his numerous engagements with Virgin Steele to work with Kiara.

The songs have been recorded and mixed at "The Hammer of Zeus" studios in Long Island by David DeFeis while Ryan Smith (AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Joe Satriani, Beyoncé) at Sterling Sound NYC took care of the mastering duties.

"This work is dark yet melodic and positive at the same time" says Kiara "I've been through one of the toughest moments in my life and I came out of it as a new person, stronger I should say and this is how the idea for 'Fight Now' came about. It's probably the most positive song and lyrics I've ever written in my entire life! We must never give up 'cause we just have one life and we have to make the best of it in any way we can, we gotta fight for what's important, for existence itself...that's the message. I woke up one morning at 4 am and wrote all the ideas and lyrics in a second, then I called David and told him 'This song has so much energy and good vibes!' and I've never changed my mind on it". Then Kiara tells us something about the other two tracks: "'I'm Not God' was conceived while I was going through a very bad moment, it's a way of me saying 'Hey, there's so much more I can take!' while 'Miss You Again' is not a love song per se, it's dedicated to all the souls I've lost in this journey called life, all the people that I love who are not with me anymore". As for the cover version of "Victory Is Mine", Kiara explains: "It's one of my favorite tracks from Virgin Steele and I thought it was the right conclusion for this EP, like I'm saying 'I've been through a lot, now I'm positive about the future 'cause 'Victory Is Mine' if I want it'. All the bad moments in life show us that they'll pass, that we can be victorious in the end."

The EP will have its Worldwide release on November 22nd 2013 via Spider Rock Promotion and "Fight Now" will be the first single. This work will anticipate a full album due by the end of 2014.

EP: "Fight Now"


    Fight Now *
    I'm Not God *
    Miss You Again *
    Victory Is Mine **

* Music, Arrangements and Melodies by David De Feis and Kiara Laetitia Lyrics by Kiara Laetitia / Published 2013 by Spider Rock Promotion, DeFeis Music BMI and Kiara Laetitia Publishing BMI
** Music by David De Feis and Edward Pursino Lyrics by David De Feis / Published 1995 and 2013 by DeFeis Music BMI and Pursino Music BMI