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Friday, 11 July 2014 05:10
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September 30th 2014 01.00 pm EST

WINNER ANNOUNCED: October 20th 2014


1. This contest is open to composers/artists who create original material/songs. If there is more than one writer, all co-writers must be in agreement for the song to be submitted. If there are co-writers on the winning entrant, the royalties must be divided between co-writers.

2. All entrants must submit one original song in an MP3 format to kiaralaetitiacontest@gmail.com. The entrants must also send a valid email address and/or telephone number, name, last name and/or stage name if present. Songs sent to any other email or with any other means will be disqualified.

3. Entrants will retain full rights to all work submitted for the contest. The entrant warrants and represents that the songs(s) submitted are sole, exclusive and original works of the entrants.

4. Judging will be comprised of Kiara Laetitia, David DeFeis and Alessandro Porcella. Entries will be judged on the following criteria: songwriting quality – originality, lyrics, melody, composition

5. The lyrics entered must not include or contain any material that is defamatory, threatening or abusive, content that is otherwise objectionable or would be deemed inappropriate, unsuitable or offensive, all as determined by the Judges in their sole discretion. The Judges reserved the right to disqualify any entries that contain the elements previously described.

6. Entrants of any age are eligible to win. If the winner is under the age of 18 parental or guardian written authorization will be requested.

7. All winners must sign and return an affidavit confirming that the song entered is original and he/she holds rights to the song. Failure to sign and return the form within 14 days or provision of false information may result in disqualification and an alternative winner will be selected. Entry constitutes permission to use winner’s names, likeness, pictures, video and any other material for future publicity and advertising purposes without compensation. If there is more than one writer per submission, all co-writers must sign letter of agreement for the song to be submitted, and must abide by all criteria to enter.

8. Kiara Laetitia and her associates shall have the right to use the song at their sole discretion, which comprises the lyrics and music of the entrant.

9. Prize: The winner will have his/her/their song sung by Kiara Laetitia and produced in a recording studio chosen by Kiara Laetitia. The winner has no right of choosing the recording studio. Mechanical right royalties and performance rights royalties will be paid to the winner if the entrant is registered with any mechanical right and performance right company. If the winner is not registered with any of the afore-mentioned companies, it will be his/her sole responsibility to become a member of such entities before the song is sent, otherwise any royalty generated by the mechanical reproduction and performance will be deemed as lost.

10. The contest is subject to all federal, provincial and municipal laws and regulations that may be applicable. THE CONTEST IS FREE.

11. All decisions made by the Judges with respect to the acceptance of any entry and eligibility of entries shall be final and binding.

12. Entrants hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the contest entities (including but not limited to Kiara Laetitia, David DeFeis, Alessandro Porcella and SpiderRock) from and against any and all third party claims arising out of or resulting from (1) the entrant’s participation in the contest; or (b) any breach or alleged breach of any of the warranties, representations, or agreements granted, made by or entered into by a entrant.