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Sunday, 16 November 2014 16:55
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In 2012 Lunocode conceived a show, halfway between a theatrical monologue and a concert, with an actor reciting some spoken parts. This gave the band a chance to combine their love of acoustic guitars and a melancholy atmosphere with their interest in the universe and human nature, which always emerges in their lyrics. The show was called “C’è vita intelligente sulla Terra?” (“Is There Intelligent Life On Earth?”) and, for the occasion, the band recorded the entire show live at the “Teatro di Anghiari” theatre.

After this magic night, the guys entered the studio to record a new version of each song on the show, with a more elaborate arrangement. Some songs were completely stripped down and rebuilt. Lunocode pursue creativity above all else. The band then put these two recordings together in the form of a double album, in a gorgeous digipack edition, with the same title as the theatrical show. In 2014 Lunocode signed with 7Hard, and the time to release their new double album has arrived: their double album will be released worldwide on friday, 5th december 2014!

"Is There Intelligent Life On Earth?" Lunocode ask, and who is brave enough to answer?


CD 1 - "Second Iteration"
  1. IDEA #1
  2. IDEA #2
  3. IDEA #3
  4. IDEA #4
  5. IDEA #5
  6. IDEA #6
  7. IDEA #7
  8. IDEA #8
  9. IDEA #9
CD 2 - "Third Iteration"
Parte prima: Miseria e gloria del genere umano
  1. Il pallido puntino blu
  2. Prima immagine
  3. Cieli immensi ed immenso amore
  4. Seconda immagine
  5. Chi vive veramente?
  6. Domanda
  7. {Non} siamo i migliori del cosmo
  8. Affermazione
  9. Mutar forma
  10. ...e veleggiar lontano
Parte seconda: Materia, Vita e Coscienza
  1. Una introduzione
  2. Capitolo primo
  3. Un bagliore circolare e blu
  4. Capitolo secondo
  5. L'espressione di una idea
  6. Capitolo terzo
  7. Qualcosa di piccolo e brillantissimo
  8. Capitolo quarto
  9. Un atomo nell'universo
  10. Capitolo quinto
  11. Come una scintilla dalla pietra focaia
  12. Finale: E' {davvero} necessario {?}