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NEXUS OPERA: debut album with Spider Rock Promotion! PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 30 October 2014 14:28
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We're happy to announce we started collaboration with one of the most interesting Italian Power/Prog metal bands: NEXUS OPERA!
The band has been active for over ten years, and finally in 2014 - after internal vicissitudes - they can fulfill the dream of every band: release their debut album.

Tales From WWII - this is the title of the album - closes a circle that began a long time ago. The tracks cover different periods of compositional and stylistic evolution and sound is blended in a power-prog melodic and symphonic, even baroque sometimes.
In the background of the conceptual theme that the title of the album suggests - World War II - the tracks cover events and people, famous or not, related to the largest armed conflict in the history of humanity, sometimes reported in an fantasy like key, sometimes in a much more raw and direct way.

The album will be released worldwide, exclusive for Spider Rock, November 30, 2014. Artwork and tracklist below.


  1. Ardenne
  2. Return of a Hero
  3. Katyn (Death in the Forest)
  4. Wolfpack
  5. Laconia
  6. Nacht Hexen
  7. Freedom Fighters
  8. For a Thousand Cranes
  9. The End of war
Labyrinth: the new vocalist is Mark Boals! PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 25 September 2014 07:46
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After Roberto Tiranti's words, here you are with a message from the band:

"As everybody already knows, Roberto has decided to part ways with the band in order to start his solo career. We wish him all the best and we thank him for the long walk we have had together. At the same time "the show must go on", as somebody said, and the good news is that we have started working on the new album. This is not the only good news, anyway, 'cause we are incredibly excited and honored to announce that our new singer is none other than a top-notch artist and a piece of history in the metal world: we warmly welcome Mr. Mark Boals on board (Yngwie Malmsteen, Ring Of Fire, Royal Hunt) and we can't wait to let you all listen to some of the new songs we are working on!

Sincerely yours, Labyrinth"

foto 1a

Contest your song in Kiara Laetitia's solo album PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 11 July 2014 05:19
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Kiara Laetitia is working on the final steps of her first solo record ‘Fight Now’ which is due by the end of 2014 - beginning of 2015. The EP ‘Fight Now’, a preview of the forthcoming solo effort from Laetitia, already saw the light on November 22nd 2013 via SpiderRock Label. The songs have been written by Kiara Laetitia and David DeFeis who also produced the EP together with Laetitia.

Now all songwriters and fans have the chance to submit their own track which will appear on Kiara Laetitia’s album. For the song to be considered, the contestants must first Like Kiara Laetitia on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kiara-Laetitia/316236265075681, then they have to send an original track and the person submitting it must own the rights to this song. The winner will have his/her own song sung, produced and distributed worldwide. S/he will also appear in the credits of the album as well as a songwriter. All the songs must be sent in MP3 format at this email: kiaralaetitiacontest@gmail.com no later than September 30th 2014 01.00 pm EST. The winner will be announced on October 20th 2014. So are you ready??!!!

For more info and rules please visit:

Full regulation




Labyrinth: Roberto Tiranti gives up PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 23 September 2014 15:25
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Roberto speaks:


It is never easy to write this kind of public statements, but I think it's fair to be clear and sincere towards those that for many years have granted us esteem and love.

From now on I am no longer the singer of Labyrinth, after almost 18 years I leave the band that more than any other has given me in terms of satisfaction, blazon and experience in Italy but even more abroad.

6 albums, an EP and a “Best Of”, a lot of music written all together with a common goal, so much life shared that cannot be wiped out and the awareness of having friends I can count on and hopefully meet again in the future to write other music together.

Everyone is useful, no one is indispensable and I think that also this time the band will be able to face this with the usual strength and ability to reinvent itself.
I've had the best band I could have had to express myself in that field and I'm sure I won't ever be part of any other band of similar type, it would be stupid, incoherent and unfair to Labyrinth.
At the moment I'm working on my first solo album on which I am spending a lot of energies, moreover the collaborations with Ken Hensley , Wonderworld and Mangala Vallis keep going on.
My priorities obviously go to my solo project, in order to create a firm-based foundation for the future.



ATOMIC BLAST: confermati al Watchtower Festival PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 10 July 2014 14:39
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I giovanissimi bolognesi ATOMIC BLAST, a conferma anche dell'ottimo riscontro del pubblico ottenuto fuori casa durante l'anno di promozione di Noise of Revolution, sono stati confermati al Watchtower Festival con NAPALM DEATH, DESTRAGE, CHURCH OF MISERY e molti altri.
Il Watchtower Festival si terrà al The Jungle di Pisa il 12 agosto 2014.

Ecco tutte le band confermate ed i dettagli del festival:











Doors open: 16.00
Ticket: 20 euro // 25 euro in cassa

Area concerti, intrattenimento ed attività culturale @ Parco Collodi - Via Tosco Romagnola 656, Cascina (PISA)


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