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HoneyBombs: deal with Sliptrick Records and upcoming debut album! PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 22 February 2017 08:17
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Spider Rock Promotion is proud to announce a new cooperation with Sliptrick Records: our HoneyBombs, signed a few days ago a deal with the Italian label for their upcoming debut album, entitled "Wet Girls And Other Funny Tales".

The album will be released next 13th April 2017. Here you are with the cover artwork and the final trackilist.

cover artwork500


  1. Radical Shit
  2. BrazzersDotCom
  3. Fat Girls Are Goin' Mad
  4. G.R.A.B. (GhettoRatchetAssBitch)
  5. Don't Wanna Be Like Johnny
  6. Till The Night Is Over
  7. We Are Gonna Kick Your Ass
  8. Oh My God!
  9. Sweet Little Dummy
  10. Six Pack On Your Back
  11. Maniac (Bonus Track)
Joke Addiction: teaser of the upcoming EP PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 07 February 2017 08:17
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Here we are!

As previously announced, G.A.S., debut EP of Joke Addiction, will be released next Friday, February 10th in all digital stores, distributed for Spider Rock by Believe Digital.

To break up the wait, here is a taste of what you'll hear in G.A.S.:

New entry in Spider Rock's roster: Joke Addiction! PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 29 December 2016 11:07
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Spider Rock Promotion is pleased to announce a new entry in the roster: Joke Addiction!

We came across this Syracuse band by chance, and we were literally stunned by quality and attitude of these young rockers.
Active for just over three years, Andrea Campisi (Voice and Guitar), Simone Giglio (Bass) and Carmelo Di Natale (Drums) play a great Heavy Groove Hard Rock that is catchy, energetic and sometimes cheeky, and it's able to awaken and satisfy nostalgical eighties echoes and beyond.
The union with Spider Rock will materialize in early 2017, when we will release worldwide on digital markets a debut EP entitled G.A.S. (Get Away Simply).
In the coming days we will provide more details on the release, such as release date, tracklist and cover artwork. For the moment, we warmly welcome home Joke Addiction at Spider Rock!


Joke Addiction

Joke Addiction: upcoming debut EP! PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 05 January 2017 08:38
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Here we are!
As announced a few days ago, Joke Addiction are ready to release their debut under the protective wing of Spider Rock Promotion!

G.A.S. (Get Away Simply), the title of the EP, will be released worldwide on Friday February 10th, 2017 esclusively for Spider Rock Promotion on digital platforms, distributed by Believe Digital.

The album, recorded at Arsonica Rec Studios in Syracuse, mixed and mastered by Joke Addiction, is genuino and pure Hard'n'heavy, where Thrash / Groove made in the USA, and Funk Grunge Rock echoes can be perceived, well blended with sociological issues, philosophical and intimate submitted by Joke Addiction in a mood that is anything but austere, according to the dictates of the genre.

Everything is done with a mastery in technique and arrangements that makes it seem Joke Addiction real veterans.

We jumped off the chair, and we are ready to bet that you will do likewise.

Below the cover artwork and tracklist:


Artwork G.A.S.
  1. I Am What I Am
  2. My Life Is A Bad Time
  3. Fading Out
  4. Paranoialyzed
Labyrinth: ufficializzata la nuova line-up e nuovo disco in programma per il 2017 PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 12 October 2016 07:46
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Grosse novità in casa Labyrinth.

La storica power metal band italiana ha infatti siglato un nuovo contratto con l'attivissima Frontiers Records.

Inoltre, a seguito del recente abbandono di Sergio Pagnacco e Andrea De Paoli, la formazione toscana ha annunciato la nuova lineup: oltre ai due membri fondatori Olaf Thorsen e Andrea Cantarelli, Roberto Tiranti torna con estremo piacere a prendere il suo posto dietro al microfono, mentre alle tastiere fa l'ingresso in formazione uno dei più grandi talenti degli ultimi decenni, vale a dire il mai troppo considerato Oleg Smirnoff (con un background fatto di formazioni quali Death SS, Eldritch, Vision Divine e Anger).

Per quanto concerne la sezione ritmica, alla batteria troviamo John Macaluso (già attivo con Yngwie Malmsteen, Riot, Symphony X, James Labrie e Ark) e al basso Nick Mazzucconi.

Ma le novità non finiscono qui, perché i Labyrinth hanno annunciato che un nuovo album è già in programma per il 2017.

Queste le prime dichiarazioni rilasciate da Olaf Thorsen:

Abbiamo scritto sette canzoni complete che ci soddisfano molto. Abbiamo dei pezzi molto heavy e veloci, mentre altri più melodici e prog. Puntiamo a scrivere 10 o 11 brani per il nuovo album. Sappiamo cosa si aspettano da noi i fan e sono convinto che ameranno le nuove canzoni. Ci sono molte “killer melodies” e il sound sarà assolutamente riconoscibile come Labyrinth al 100%

La band toscana si esibirà con la nuova line-up per la prima volta al Frontiers Metal Festival i cui dettagli potete trovarli cliccando qui.


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