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Elektradrive: Over the Space - 30th Anniversary PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 12 September 2016 12:03
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OTS 30TH HD defElektradrive are proud to announce a brand new release for their debut album "Over the Space", out for the first time in 1986 and now re-published through Escape Music with the new title "30th Anniversary Edition".

The album has been fully remastered by Simone Falovo and will contain 5 bonus tracks too, such as the single debut "Let it survive/Brainstorm" (1984) and other sogns taken from demo-tapes of the Overdrive's period (83-84).

Thanks to the great originality in the style of their first album - and before of the AOR turn of the next ones -  the band was labeled by many writers - famous Beppe Riva among them - as Space Metal Band, while Dave Reynolds reviewed the album on the legendary English magazine Metal Forces with an extraordinary 90/100.

Elektradrive made 4 studio albums, the last one in 2009: Living 4.

Labyrinth: Sergio Pagnacco quit PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 01 September 2016 07:24
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Here's Sergio's speak:

I decided to leave Labyrinth because I believe that a rock musician should dedicate himself only to one band.

During all these years I've been playing in Vanexa and Labyrinth, but now that both bands are going to carry out some big projects, I chose to stick with Vanexa. I've played with them since 1979 and soon the new album will be coming out.
Moreover I'm convinced that being committed to several projects means not trusting in your own capabilities, having no sense of belonging and  often being opportunist.
He who plays in several bands thinks to be increasing his chances of success, but it's not like that. This idea is very far from the concept of "Rock Band", and the results are lots of unproductive groups. The essence of a rock band comes from the musicians in it, the ones who totally devote themself and employ all their energy and all their ideas to achieve something together.
If everyone played only in one group, there would be less bands in number, but all of them would be a lot more active, competitive and professional.
I thank Labyrinth for letting me share unmatchable musical experiences, but from now on I'll follow them only as a fan.
Being in two bands, playing in two different teams or voting for two political parties isn't my thing, I come from the 80's.
Vanexa: dettagli sull'uscita di "Too Heavy To Fly" PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 20 May 2016 14:08
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Svelata la cover disegnata da Kabuto Art Lab del nuovo album dei VANEXA “Too Heavy To Fly”, che uscirà su CD il prossimo 3 Giugno per l’etichetta Punishment 18.

Sul nuovo disco, nel brano, I’m Traveller, ci sarà alle tastiere la partecipazione di Ken Hesley (Uriah Heep).

L'album sarà presentato in anteprima al Rock Festival di Savona il 21 Maggio, dove i Vanexa parteciperanno come headliner.


Cover artwork:




  1. Too heavy To Fly 
  2. 007
  3. Life Is a War
  4. Rain 
  5. It's Illusion
  6. Tarantino Theme
  7. In The Dark
  8. Kiss in The Dark
  9. Paradox
  10. TheTraveler

Vanexa: Nuovo videoclip di Too Heavy To Fly PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 01 July 2016 14:30
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I Vanexa hanno scelto come location l'antica vetreria di Altare (SV) per girare i nuovi video clip che promuoveranno l'uscita del nuovo album "Too Heavy To Fly". La produzione delle riprese video sono di Daniele Farina, già produttore e regista della serie di documentari musicali "Overload".

Aura: Noise WINNER of the 2015 Best Album of The Year Poll by PerfectProg! PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 06 April 2016 09:45
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With 1144 votes Aura's Noise, is the Album of the Year 2015 for PerfectProg.com webzine, having surpassed giants such as Vanden PlasSymphony X!




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