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Neurasthenia: change behind the drums PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 23 September 2009 06:30
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The Neurasthenia announce with regret that Mise (drummer joined the band since last Release Party in April 2009 after the departure of Steve Revolt) was definitively removed from the band.
For the boys it was a very painful choice, but the reasons against it because he could stay there were too many.
The first and most important is not to be able to establish a good relationship, and thus, even though technically speaking were always satisfied, you have not created the atmosphere that Neurasthenia have always tried to keep within the band.
Mise is an excellent drummer and he still had the opportunity to live on a European tour and a shoulder to Anthrax, contributing to the professional growth of the band.
Lehmann, Neil & Phil take this opportunity to publicly thank him and wish him the best for your objectives!

His replacement is former member of ANIMALATOR, Nebular. His is rather a "return home", since he played in the old line-up before the Neurasthenia continue the project. The band claims to be very excited to return behind the drums, because you end up with an old friend and a new drummer with plenty of experience behind them.
The boys have already started testing that will prepare the Nebular concert Sept. 26 at the KE ME MEO Argelato with GRIM REAPER, Prying MANTIS & RAIN.
It will be a good opportunity for the newcomer to demonstrate their skills.

I Suffer Incorporated: details on the comeback PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 21 September 2009 20:54
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The I Suffer Incorporated announced the title and tracklisting of their comeback.
The EP will be titled "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Me (n) this Disorders".
These provisional titles of the songs that will make up:

1. Blasting Rodeo Drive
2. Do not Wanna Be Like Johnny
3. The Male Supremacy or How to subjugate a Woman in 10 Easy Steps
4. Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Bonnie Tyler cover)

The approach will be totally unconventional, irreverent, ironic lyrics and over the top will be a special element of this unique project that does contrast his trump card, proof of this is the choice to record a song clearly disturbing as The Evil Supremacy or How to subjugate a Woman in 10 Easy Steps followed by the cover of a love song, a ballad: Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler.
As previously announced there will be excellent collaborations have already been confirmed, and several others there will be for the full length: Val Monteleone (former singer and now I Suffer Incorporated of Dying Diva) will lend his voice in Blasting Rodeo Drive, while Mauro Jasmine (ex Kingcrow) record some vocals on Do not Wanna Be Like Johnny and the cover of Bonnie Tyler, Total Eclipse of the Heart.
The EP will be printed but not distributed exclusively over the Internet through the most popular channels (iTunes, CDBaby, etc. ...) with the band through Spider Rock Promotion, has already reached agreements. The artwork of the booklet, which will be dynamic flash format, has been entrusted to the artist Matteo Alfonsi (

New band on Spider Rock: neurasthenia! PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 09 September 2009 17:01
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We are proud to announce the last band that has decided to marry the Spider Rock project: the neurasthenia is one of the most important Italian metal band THRASH, probably the most active in terms of live in the past two years. Two studio albums in assets, a curriculum vitae to be envied, and professionalism to spare.

We take then to tell you that when i Neurasthenia are preparing a new headlining tour in Europe, in collaboration with INSANE BOOKING, while they are working in their studio to begin the selection of new songs that will make the tracklist of the third disc, we want now and exclusively reveal some antaprima: inside the new album will be for sure the songs in the first demo "I'M WALKING WITH A ZOMBIE" & "FURY".

Get ready, because Neurasthenia promise that the new album will be powerful!

Lost Brand in the studio for the debut! PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 14 September 2009 14:07
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The Lost Brand have finished composing the tracks that will make up the eleven songs from their debut album, still without a full license.
The disk will have a clear matrix with metal and thrash in trespassing in heavy, and will contain two old ballad style!
Chose the study: The Music House will Serrenti (CA) by Jacopo Vannini (Mr k). The study is in a location that ensures peace of mind and protection from prying ears, and is acoustically treated with wood and granite rocks of the region.
The entrance to the studio is set for next September 25, when will start the pre-production. The recordings will start in early October.

Evergaze Eternity in studio + new drummer GUEST PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 09 September 2009 10:07
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The Evergaze Eternity entered the studio for pre-production of their debut album, which is already well on the programming of midi keyboard parts.
The band has also announced the name of the drummer with whom will work in the studio and record the disc: it's Emilio "Dave" Simeon, former Eldritch (Blackenday and Neighbourhell) and former SS Death (The Seventh Seal).


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