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Spider Rock Promotion
Spider Rock was born Promotion PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 31 July 2009 15:33
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And 'with great pleasure and a great deal of pride that we announce the birth of Spider Rock Promotion.

"Another promotion agency?" - You ask many.
This is partly true: we will deal mainly with the promotion. But we will do with an approach from the start will be different than before.
If you are part of a band, think of how many times have you needed someone to cure you, public relations, we organize interviews, concerts, diramasse your press releases, etc..
And how often, if you have entrusted to someone, you have slammed the muzzle against incompetent or worse exploiters?
And how often, to see your band to say the least deserving of your reaching important goals, you thought "how lucky to have contacts so important ..."?
How many disappointments have taken the so-called "labels" aware that they can play with the passion of a band buying it with the lure of the contract?

Well, Spider Rock Promotion is the brainchild of a group of people who always live the world of Metal: journalists, musicians, but first of all USERS who have decided to make available to the band the experience accumulated over many years dedication to the cause of metal, either through its own editorial activities, both with the militancy in the band of some importance in the Italian.

Over time we have gained important contacts with the media, labels, promoters and agencies, and especially we have acquired the skills necessary for a band that intends to emerge from the formless mass of ravenous wolves which is the underground music in our country.

Unfortunately these skills - and no offense - conspicuously lacking in the vast majority of our own groups, causing them to be, especially in the eyes of our foreign colleagues, the "usual Italian".

Spider Rock Promotion offers to its roster of bands a collaboration of managerial nature which will always remain private and never publicized - allegations that we believe to be attributed to many individuals and incapable. Spider Rock Promotion born and will always remain a free NON-PROFIT Association, which has as main goal to establish a dialogue and foster collaboration between the band, contributing to the creation, finally, an ITALIAN METAL SCENE.

Spider Rock Promotion is a guide in the obstacle course that your band has decided to undertake, showing you the same traps that its creators have had to face. We will study together the action plan and define interventions that will allow your band to know the environment and dialogue with our partners in the best way.

To do that we can never think of having a very large roster. Our work will focus each year on five or six bands, we reserve the right to select among the many who have contacted us, enthusiastic about our original proposal.

Given the absolutely NO PROFIT association, the selection criteria will be primarily related to our personal liking your music proposal. Do not want to deceive anyone, we do not want to spend much money to anyone, but especially do not want to fool with our contacts.

Clearer than that ...

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