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NEURASTHENIA: new guitarist PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 14 July 2015 22:15
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NEURASTHENIA are proud to announce that a new guitarist has joined the band! Since 2011 they were searching for the fourth member and they took advantage of session men to engage all live shows in Italy and abroad.
ALEX ZANNONI is the name of the newcomer, who will take over the management of all solo parts of the next album.
NEURASTHENIA are in pre-production phase for their third studio album, that will be entitled as the very first monicker of the band (it was 1996): ANIMALATOR.
These are Neil's words:
"We spent four years to find someone that could join our familiy, first of all. We are a strange band, with resolute targets. We like to give the best to our fans and to be 200%. It was a long searching, but ALEX fits perfectly our lifestyle and musicianship... we're ready to restart, at last!"
ANIMALATOR's cover artwork will be looked after by the Russian artist Vladimir Chebakov, artwork, photos and videos by Simone Furia.
Foto by: Simone Furia (Anomalia Photo Art)
Vanexa: annunciato il nuovo vocalist PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 06 July 2015 07:30
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Direttamente dalla band:

Successivamente aver eseguito alcuni live con Marco "Spino" Spinelli rientrato dopo l'uscita di Roberto Tiranti, i Vanexa hanno scelto come sostituto il fiorentino Ranfa (Andrea Ranfagni). 

"Ranfa ha l'esperienza e il carisma giusto per poter far parte dei Vanexa, ha collaborato con parecchi musicisti internazioni come Ian Paice (Deep Purple) , Bernie Marsden (Whitesnake), Tracy G (Ronnie James Dio) e James Christian (House Of Lords) quindi sicuramente porterà un valore aggiunto alla band".

Il nuovo progetto dei Vanexa "Too Heavy Too Fly" avrà oltre al chitarrista Pier Gonella anche Ranfa come cantante.


Andrea "Ranfa" Ranfagni - Voce

Artan Selishta - Chitarra

Pier Gonella - Chitarra

Sergio Pagnacco - Basso

Silvano Bottari - Batteria

IMG 5130

Neurasthenia: in cerca di un chitarrista PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 12 May 2015 16:09
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Mandate le vostre candidature per l'audizione scrivendo a:

Ecco i requisiti:
  • Residenti nelle seguenti zone: Ferrara, Bologna (o nel Bolognese, come Imola, Castel San Pietro etc etc), Faenza, Forlì, Cesena, Rimini o limitrofi.
  • Età: tra i 25 e i 35 anni.
  • Automuniti
  • Propria Backline
  • Referenze in campo Live e in Studio.
  • Praticità nel Riffing e nei soli.
  • Mandare un Video del brano "I'm Walking with a Zombie" preferibilmente registrato con audio originale dalla Camera.
(Di seguito il link al video, accordatura C#)

Il candidato scelto verrà invitato ad una prova e un meeting con la band nel mese di Giugno 2015.
Le candidature verranno chiuse alla fine del mese di Maggio 2015.

I Neurasthenia ti stanno cercando……fatti avanti!
Aura: Noise press review PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 21 May 2015 08:27
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After three months and a half since Noise release, it's time for Aura to collect the fruit of their work. The official videoclip, Behind My Eyes, has reached 6000 views, and exciting reviews have been published worldwide:

My hope is that more people check out these guys because they are talented and "Noise" is a great album all the way through.
Rob Pociluk, PowerOfMetal.dk

Fantastic work. Very original music, great mix.
Noise is highly recommended, indispensable for any fine metal music collector.
Jesus Monjaras, PerfectProg.com

The result is an album that is not only about great performances, but first and foremost, about great songs to remember.
Jeff Stevens, PROGMETALZONE.com

Album of absolute value, the best in their career, it could consecrate them among the leading Italian Prog acts.
Paolo Ponente, MetalloItaliano.it

Sometimes change is good ... this "Noise" is a clear example! Let's go on so that!
Dario "CryingGuitar" Cattaneo, Metalitalia.com

Simply they have released a fantastic album. These guys can create music of highest class and without compromises, they are a highlight of the Italian progressive metal scene and this album is to buy and listen to. Recommended to all, being progster or not.
Pier Paolo Lunesu, ITALIADIMETALLO.it

Crystalline class in this "Noise", dedicated to the most demanding ears.
René Urkus, METALHEAD.it

"Noise" places as a milestone in their career, as well as a tenacious competitor in Italian scene, full of great technical and artistic gifted bands.
Nicola Furlan, TRUEMETAL.it


Noise is available in digipack format from the band's official store, or in download format from all digital platforms such as:

Google Play

Poemisia: European tour supporting ELUVEITIE PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 08 February 2015 07:52
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Poemisia will be supporting Eluveitie in their Ukraine/Russian tour dates, starting in Kiev on Feb 17 and ending in St. Petersburg on Feb 22.

17.02.15 - Kiev (Ukraine) @ "Yunost"
18.02.15 - Minsk (Belarus) @ "Re:Public"
19.02.15 - Krasnodar (Russia) @ "Arena"
20.02.15 - Moskow (Russia) @ "Red"
21.02.15 - Ekaterinburg (Russia) @ "Teleclub"
22.02.15 - St.Petersburg (Russia) @ "Zal Club"



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