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Friday, 09 August 2013 13:22
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With great joy we can finally announce the collaboration with one of the most talented band of South Italy!

We met Poemisia during Talent Scout Contest, and since the beginning a good feeling was established. 

Finally we can celebrate the crowning achievement of the hard work made in the last months by Spider Rock Promotion and the guys of the band with the setting of the release date for Poemisia debut album! "La Danza degli Spiriti", this is the title of the album, will be out worldwide in digital stores on 31th October 2013 under the exclusive Spider Rock Promotion's distribution!

"La Danza degli Spiriti" is a Symphonic Metal album with Grotesque traits, so the guys love to describe it: the band's musical style is focused on a mix between heavy metal with opera and symphonic elements, thanks to beautiful Tina's voice too. Such a dualism leads to a tendency to mark the neverending contrast between darkness and light, death and life, hell and heaven, often in a grotesque manner and well reproduced by the polished lyrics.

The album is made of ten songs, strongly influenced by death's sense of humour that is deep-rooted in Italian culture. Among the lyrical themes you'll find the sense of macabre, intended in a grotesque manner, that is dispel fears connected to it (in the title track and in songs such as The Awakening, Ars Moriendi, The innocence of a dead child).

The album is embellished by the collaboration with Sakis Tolis, frontman of the Hellenic Black Metal band Rotting Christ, in Anemone, a song that is enriched by darker, gloomy and elaborate sounds, being the summary of the improvement's path of the band.

"La Danza degli Spiriti" was recorded, mixed and mastered at "La Casetta Studio", Naples. Orchestral parts was recorded at  "Recoa Studios" in Salerno. 


La Danza degli Spiriti - OUT in Digital Stores on 31/10/2013 (Spider Rock Promotion Label)


  1. Prologo
  2. Cruda Amarilli
  3. Amn├Ęsia
  4. La danza degli spiriti
  5. Our star
  6. Sonata al crepuscolo
  7. The awakening
  8. The innocence of a dead child
  9. Ars moriendi
  10. Anemone

Guest musicians:

Sakis Tolis (growl voice on Anemone)
Ilaria Maria Zarra (violin on Anemone and Ars Moriendi)
Pierpaolo Petti (viola on Anemone and Ars Moriendi)
Annabruna Corrado (cello on Anemone and Ars Moriendi)