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Wednesday, 31 August 2011 06:55
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The prime mover heavy metal band VANEXA participate 'Saturday, September 3 at Maelstrom Metal Fest III in Ferrara, Via Alfonso ID' Este (near downtown). Free admission.
With seguiente Line-Up:
Alex Graziano (Guitar and Vocals)
Artan Selishta (Guitar)
Pagnacco Sergio (Bass)
Silvano Bottari (Drums)
The lead singer Roberto Tiranti (Vanexa / Labyrinth) is very sorry not to attend the event with Vanexa because 'already' committed the same evening for the concert Volpedo with Ian Paice (Deep Purple) and Clive Bunker (Jethro Tull).
Here's the line up of the new Maelstrom Metal Fest 2011: Sept. 2: Crying Steel Voodoo Highway + + The Hot Pants September 3: Sabotage Vanexa + + + Asgard + Diaries Black Wings of a Hero + Altair + Exoteria September 4: National Suicide + Game Over Reinforced Concrete + + + Eloa Vadaath Demolition of Saint + Whiz Bullets For information: Rudy: Sonika 348.8991374: 0532.201230

The three days will see succession of bands such as Black Wings Italian scenario, Asgard, Voodoo Highway, and Game Over alongside some legends of 'made in Italy as a heavy metal Crying Steel, Sabotage, and National Suicide Vanexa.

Admission to the festival is completely FREE.





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