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Tuesday, 13 December 2011 06:56
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It 'released today the first of three chapters of the music documentary "Overload" by Daniele Farina. The first tribute band dedicated to understand how some protagonists Italian and foreign artists, underground and mainstream, emerging stars fade away, offering viewers their professional and human experience, between dream and reality.
Pagnacco bassist Sergio Vanexa and Labyrinth tells in a very explicit his point of view on the general distrust of the public and the musicians themselves to new musical ideas. "And 'increasingly' difficult to sustain a thesis on the Italian music scene, now driven almost entirely by people poor and without courage!"
The documentary will be submitted to many film festivals as Italian Bergamo Film Meeting, Genova Film Festival, Montecatini Film Festival, Giffoni Film Festival, Milan and Turin Film Festival.
The other two chapters are on the crisis in the music industry, landed on television with the start of the season of the reality talent and a musical theme. (Chapter II), and the difficulties in turning a passion for music into a real job. (Chapter III).
Here is the link where you can see the first chapter preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch? player_embedded & feature = v = U3zBi0fyz5E
The speakers in this first chapter: Amber Marie, Andrea Rock, Asylum Republic, Blackie Lawless, Blaze Bayley, Children of the Damned, Clairvoyants, Dennis Stratton, Enrico Ruggeri, Extrema, Fabrizio Palermo, League One and Reality, Maionchi Mara, Matthew Becucci, Nesli, Paul Di Anno, Pino Scotto, Queenmania, Randy Hansen, Rio, Roberto Tiranti, Sergio Pagnacco.
The second chapter will be released in January 2012