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Vanexa: working on a new album PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 12 October 2011 11:26
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VANEXA started to write material for their new full length album. The CD, entitled "Too Heavy To Fly" will be dedicated to everyone who devoted himself in playing heavy metal in Italy.
Sergio Pagnacco says: - Most of metal musicians in Italy knows since the beginning how hard the road is. They won't become real professionists in the music business, but they won't stoop to compromises, because they won't betray their true passion. The same is true also for journalists, speaker, DJs in the Italian Metal World. "Too Heavy To Fly" is a perfect title for another italian metal album that will be too heavy for a music business so tired and cowardly. -
A new official site for Vanexa is online: www.vanexa.org, with news, photos, info, video and merchandising of the band!




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