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What can Spider Rock Promotion do for the band of his roster?

Spider Rock will dial basically with public relations and communications on behalf of the band, usign her "important" contacst.
Spider Rock will write and spread press releases, will show the band off.

Is Spider Rock Promotion a record label?

Not exactly. Spider Rock has entered the music business with some releases, and will go ahead on this way. For further informations, please read the related section.

Which genres does Spider Rock Promotion deal with?

Spider Rock deals with most of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock related genres, so you can request for our services if your band plays classic genres and other such as AOR, Glam, Arena Rock, Progressive Rock/Metal, Power Metal, Thrash Metal, Gothic Metal, Death Metal, and so on. We definitely won't deal extreme genres such as Black Metal, or other ones such as Hardcore, Punk, Emocore, Alternative and Nu-Metal.

Does Spider Rock Promotion dial in booking?

No. Spider Rock IS NOT A BOOKING AGENCY. However Spider Rock can, on behalf of the band, looking after a booking, if this is what the band wants, but obviusly we can't grant about the result. If this should be not enough, then you don't need Spider Rock, but you have to think of every time you knocked at the door of the booking agencies and the fruits of your labour you reaped.

How does Spider Rock Promotion represent the bandwith labels, booking agencies, promoters, and so on?

Spider Rock provide the band with her competences, her contacts and her experience. A result achieved for the band is a result achieved for Spider Rock. Spider Rock will negotiate on behalf of the band every little detail, from the very beginning of the negotiation with labels, agencies, promoters, venues, artistic directors and so on, advising the band how to operate and helping in "reading between the lines" of the dials, suggesting "alternative proposals" and so on.

Then, basically, Spider Rock Promotion is the one who "pesters the life out" on behalf of the band. Is it true?

Yes. Spider Rock does this, too.
On the opposite, Spider Rock "pesters the life out" of the band too, because the band could honour a working plan the band itself has scheduled, and that is planned together from the beginning. Together we set targets and together we work in order to achieve them.
Think about Spider Rock as an effective member of the band: we take decisions with the band, work with the band for the band, and thanks to our experience will try to direct the band towards the most effective solutions, in every directions (visibility, chipness, and so on)

Who is the staff of Spider Rock?

Many of us are long-dated musicians, journalists, label managers, promoters. The staff is constantly growing up. The project, with its truthfulness and its "noble" targets, is attracting "insiders", real followers who had never gained profit on the band's shoulders and on their own have been wronged by a maybe incurable but not unbearable  system.

Does Spider Rock Promotion spend and/or earn money from the maybe obtained dials?

It's not sure Spider Rock obtains a dial to the band. However, Spider Rock analyses the proposal, tries to find out if it's a hoax, taking anything for granted, and works to obtain an honest proposal, at least. Then, Spider Rock will follow the whole thing together with the band. Spider Rock won't earn commissions, and will never ask for any kind of rights from the band for third parts dials. Instead, we will provide evaluation for the maybe expected burdens.

Does Spider Rock provide legal aid?

Yes, absolutely. You'll have the needed assistance from paralegal experts, in order to understand in details all the clauses of a dial, or to commence legal proceedings.

What does Spider Rock ask to the band?

We want that each band knows Spider Rock won't work FOR her, but WITH her. The band must realize she is PART of a scene. The bands of our roster must cooperate, team up and fight all together.

Let's speak about... money!

Spider Rock, as a no-profit association, claims expenses, whose extent is established year by year according to the last budget. Further expenses, such as advertising, will never be of Spider Rock competence. Spider Rock does already have preferential channels, so many services that normally would request contribution are already included, and will cost nothing for the band. For particular activities, and at the instance of the band, Spider Rock will provide marketing advice for advertising campaigns, even if we are a bit reluctant in supporting such workings.
If you want to know in details the current estimate of the expenses we claim, you can contact us...

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