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Friday, 07 August 2009 09:37
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It 's time to present to all the bands that we have chosen to follow for this season.

We begin with the IVORY MOON . This band (they're probably listening to a song in the background) is from Rome and has assets already two studio albums. The deep friendship and respect that binds its components has meant that collaboration was born in a very natural way. The kind proposed by the Romans is a very melodic heavy metal, with clear references to classic power. What struck us most of their proposal is detached attitude of our theater, you can certainly appreciate the last disc, Human Nature , or any of their live shows, which often offer a beautiful "The Phantom Of The Opera" Iron Maiden!

The heavy metal, especially thrash metal more pure, could not fail in our management. After careful research, we focused on a group of guys from Cagliari, which convinced us mainly from the point of view of mind: The Lost BRAND !
This band has a center of enormous potential at the first listen. We are proud to participate in their debut. Yes, because our will enter the studio in the fall to record their first album. I'll assure you, it will be something DESTRUCTIVE.

Let's talk about another band from Rome, the BLIND HORIZON . These guys play a death metal from innumerable digressions. A stunning technical skill and composition allows them to experiment with ease. We could call it a true prog band, the kind not seen for decades. One might think of some Meshuggah, but the comparison, let us say, is very close to Blind Horizon. They too are preparing to release their debut album in the fall. You'll hear so much about Blind Horizon in the coming months!

Continuing the theme of experimentalism, finally, we present the EVERGAZE ETERNITY , a group of guys dedicated to gothic metal Pisa stuffed with electronics and psychedelia. It 'a double-female-fronted band, with two unique solo singers like Irene and Valeria. Lacuna Coil and The Birthday Massacre more immediate influences (the second is a memorable cover Red Stars), but the debut album that will affect Evergaze Eternity fall more than satisfy the palate, sapientamente able to mix melody and aggression.

Our roster is completed with two other bands, we will announce the beginning of September.

Stay tuned!

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